Set virtual IP to static IP in virtual machine bridging mode


1: Virtual machine setting bridge mode

1. Enter virtual machine settings and set the network adapter to bridge mode, as shown in the following figure

 2.editVirtual Network Editor Selective bridging


  3.As shown in the above figure, bridge toAutomatically change to the virtual network card matching the local machine, and query the virtual network card of the local machine(staycmdLower inputipconfig /allSee


  2: VirtualIPSet to fixedIP


1.Log in to the virtual machine

2.Access to super user rights

3.adoptifconfigGet virtualIPAnd subnet mask255.255.255.0

4.Enter the figure page

  5.Enter in sequence as shown in the figure


 6.Operation as shown


  7.Operation as shown in figure (virtualIPSetup required with PC physicsIPIn the same network segmentNamelyIPThe first three bits remain the same and the subnet mask is the same,IPThe fourth is to lose at will as long as it is not occupied by others.)



1.Operation as shown in the figure(DNSDefault Google address8.8.8.8Yes)