Server FTP software, 8 Server FTP software details


Server FTP software, generally refers to the server ftp client software, can achieve the FTP server file upload and download function in the local computer, a good ftp tool can let us in the website management process more handy, here we bring 8 Server FTP software details.

1. IIS7 server management tool

This is also the FTP software I am using. The main features are: regular upload, regular download, automatic backup and update. It also has the functions of automatic reconnection, automatic retransmission, custom transmission mode, thread and coding.

At the same time, IIS7 server management tool can also batch manage windows operating system, Linux operating system, Linux VNC, win VNC and so on. It has a very comprehensive and convenient function, which brings great convenience to our work and saves us a lot of time to do other things. It can be said that more with one stone.
Server FTP software, 8 Server FTP software details
Server FTP software, 8 Server FTP software details


Winscp is an open source graphical SFTP Client Using SSH in Windows environment. It also supports SCP protocol. Its main function is to copy files safely between local and remote computers. . winscp can also be linked to other systems, such as Linux.


This is a plug-in for foxes, which can only be used on the Mozilla Firefox browser.

Fireftp is another simple, compact and easy-to-use FTP client tool developed by companies that produce liteserve / liteweb / liteftp tools, which supports multi-threaded file transfer.


Xftp is a powerful SFTP and FTP file transfer software based on MS Windows platform. After using xftp, MS Windows users can safely transfer files between UNIX / Linux and windows PC. Xftp can meet the needs of both primary and advanced users. It uses a standard Windows style wizard, its simple interface can work closely with other windows applications, and it also provides many powerful features for advanced users.


8uftp is divided into 8uftp client tool and 8uftp intelligent extended server tool, covering all functions of other FTP tools. No memory, small size, multi thread, support online decompression. The interface is friendly and easy to operate. It can manage multiple FTP sites, and upload and download files or folders by dragging and dropping. Intelligent upgrade check, free upgrade. It is recommended to install 8uftp client and 8uftp intelligent extension server tools at the same time.


CuteFTP, one of FTP tools, is called FTP three swordsmen with leapftp and FlashFXP. Its transmission speed is relatively fast, but sometimes for some education network FTP sites can not be connected; the speed is stable, can connect to the vast majority of FTP sites (including some education sites); CuteFTP is relatively large, but it has many free FTP sites, rich resources.


Features: completely free, multi-functional, comparable to FileZilla, and not easy to drop off the line.

8、Monsta FTP

This is a web software, Monta FTP is an open source PHP / Ajax cloud software, can provide FTP file management in your browser anywhere, anytime. You can drag and drop files into the browser and watch them upload. It supports on-screen file editing. There is also multilingual support. It has been tested on chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and safari.

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