September of maxcompute Q & A


This article is based on my learning progress of maxcompute products, combined with some problems in the developer community, and then collated. I hope it can help you.

Question 1. How to view the tables of information u schema?
When using ODPs to create tables, it is possible to create thousands of tables. When looking for the required tables, we need to know the table names. You can view the tables in the data map or use pyodps to obtain the table names in batches.
For details, please refer to the document: / 90412.html

Question 2. Can drop drop drop tables be recovered?
May not. Drop table is an irreversible operation in client and IDE. Watch carefully.

Question 3. Where can I see all the executed SQL?
Through the information schema metadata tasks history details query, the metadata service information schema has been fully open, you can use this service to query the metadata information of key objects in the project, in addition to the metadata, it also provides behavioral data including job operation, data up and down use history.
Please refer to the official documents for details:

Problem 4: how to solve the problem of OPDS operation error opds-0410051 when creating a project?
Below is a screenshot of error reporting

September of maxcompute Q & A

This error message can be interpreted as AK message error. The solution is to regenerate AK information and rebind AK information.

Question 5. How to annotate maxcompute SQL in multiple lines?
Multiline comment is Ctrl + /
There are detailed code shortcuts and Data Studio shortcuts in the official documents. Please refer to official documents:
Common shortcut keys for code editor: / 68602.html
DataStudio shortcut:

Question 6. What are the methods provided for maxcompute data export?
You can choose to access the maxcompute system through the datahub real-time data channel and tunnel batch data channel.
For details, please refer to:’detail/51656.html

Question 7. How can maxcompute query all columns a of the table, including “123456” or “678910” or “45678”?

September of maxcompute Q & A

Question 8: this error is reported when querying data: semantic analysis exception int type is not enabled in currentmode, why can’t int type be used?
To use int type, you need to open setodps. SQL. Type. System. Odps2 = true. Bigint is supported by default. If there is no special requirement, only bigint can be used.

Question 9. How to view the data size stored in each partition of maxcompute?

September of maxcompute Q & A

For example, desct1partition (DS = “20190820”);

Question 10. A wonderful review of the cloud habitat conference in Hangzhou in 2019
You can review the special session of 0926pm “big data & AI summit” to understand the core content of the latest technology of big data and artificial intelligence.

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