Segmentfault technology weekly Vol.7 – IOS~


Segmentfault technology weekly Vol.7 - IOS~

I have a programmer friend, ah Wen, who was born in 1992. He is tall and thin. He is usually not good at words and is relatively low-key. Recently, the birth of a Wen’s baby made him a hot topic in the company.

The thing is, at that time, everyone was still taking a nap. All he heard was a sudden cry from ah Wen. Then he ran out in a hurry, leaving the awakened people with a confused face. He has always been steady. Today’s unusual behavior has attracted the attention of many colleagues. Some people in the group began to tease whether it was the scheduled 7, and some people said whether it was the mobile phone brushing the IOS 10 bricks… But the truth of the matter was not confirmed by ah Wen himself for an hour later.

“Still on the highway, the baby has already…” ah Wen suddenly made a speech in the group, breaking the tranquility of the company group.

“My son arrived earlier than my mobile phone.” Mr. a Wen then said that the baby, who was supposed to be born in mid October, came to the world ahead of time.

“You’re still thinking about your mobile phone –” the test girl couldn’t help swearing.
“My son is angry and wants to come out ahead of time…” the front-end elder brother agrees with me with a smile.
“Upgraded!” Mobile terminal brother sends congratulations to ah Wen who has been promoted to father.
Ah Wen, the post-10 programmers of the company depend on you,” the CTO said seriously.

“It’s time to start a programmer’s course from introduction to parenting.” the operator sister also joined the lively discussion and tenderly threw out several IOS introductory guides, which scared my friend ah Wen not to speak in the group any more.

With the launch of iPhone 7 and the release of IOS 10, the operators all said that programming should be started from a small baby, so they took the opportunity to share some knowledge related to IOS.This issue of weekly, including the introduction of IOS knowledge, advanced drills, and with a series of learning, but also for you to sort out the problems often encountered in the process of IOS development and solutions, and finally will share with you some of the tools used in the IOS development process, more complete IOS summary resources

(“) I hope you are used to the newly upgraded IOS 10~

iOS day day up

This section will share with you some knowledge about the introduction and advancement of IOS, as well as the study of auto layout, custom controls and other special features, hoping to make your IOS learn day up~



Series learning

Extended reading

Problem solving

I have learned some basic knowledge about IOS and consolidated my foundation through many examples. However, there are still so many holes to fill in on the road of IOS development. Here are some solutions for community partners to learn from their mistakes and find out. I hope you can grow up more.

Summary of tools and resources

Finally, it brings you a tool to improve efficiency, and further expands the collection of knowledge learning resources, hoping to better help you on the road of IOS development~


Resource summary

(end of this issue)

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