Segment fault technical weekly Vol.17 – I hear you haven’t used angularjs yet


Segment fault technical weekly Vol.17 - I hear you haven't used angularjs yet

How to build dynamic applications on Web pages, the common solution is to use class libraries and frameworks to make up for the shortcomings of native JS and HTML, and to implement specific application logic, such as typical jQuery knockout.js Etc. However, Google directly tries to make up for its defects in building applications from HTML itself, and builds solutions on the client side, such as

  • Extend the traditional HTML and divide it into reusable components

  • MVC, enhance browser based applications, make development and testing easier

  • All possible c.r.u.d. operations

    • Testability support, unit testing, end-to-end, automated testing, etc

    • Data binding, bidirectional binding, adapts to dynamic content and allows synchronization between models and views

    • Forms and form validation

    • ……

  • The operation of DOM is decoupled to improve the testability of the code

The collection of these functions will eventually become a set of front-end framework angularjs. Its idea is to let imperative programming represent business logic. Therefore, the framework adopts and extends traditional HTML, adapts to dynamic content through two-way data binding, which allows automatic synchronization between model and view.

The community has published six issues onReactandVueTwo JS superstars’ theme weekly, this time, introduces another superstar, angular. This weekly will comprehensively introduce its various features. If you are not familiar with or don’t understand it, you can get answers in it, such as the following questions.If you haven’t built an application with angular, start here!

-What is the instruction of angular?
-What are the advantages and disadvantages of angular in practical application?
-How to implement angular bidirectional data binding?
-From the perspective of MVC, what are the advantages and disadvantages of angularjs?
-Angular 2, react or Vue, which is the future of the front end?
-What are the improvements of angular 2. X compared with 1. X?
-What are the current practices of angular's material?

Content catalog

1. Get started——Play angularjs series by@dreamapplehappy

2. Instructions

3. Describe the characteristics in detail

4. What kind of experience is it to write angularjs with XX?

5. What kind of applications have been developed?

6. Finally, let’s have a test

(end of this issue)

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