See through the world’s top mind reading skills at a glance


I roughly divide people into four categories: 1 Soft hearted, 2 Cruel and cruel, 3 Cruel and kind-hearted, 4 A good heart and a cruel hand.

The first is the heartKindnessSoft touch

This kind of people basically live at the bottom, that is, the working people! The abbreviation is a good man. He is obedient, honest and has no means. The typical person is our parents’ generation. He has been poor for a lifetime with great efforts and kindness!

Remember, if you are kind to some people, they will appreciate you. If you are kind to some people, they will bully you. Therefore, we should not be good people or bad people, but good people among good people and bad people among bad people! You understand it carefully! That is, you have to talk about feelings to good people and means to evil people. If you also talk about feelings to evil people, you will be destroyed by evil people in the end.

The second kind of person is cruelhot

This kind of person is a typical stupid villain. Basically, this kind of person stays in prison in the end, or is about to go to prison!

Why are stupid villains?

If you like a girl, you should design strategies and use means.. Let her take the bait voluntarily, right? This is the best for you, the lowest risk, and the longest. Some people are stupid enough to rape first and then kill, and then execute themselves. Once you meet such a stupid villain, please be sure to stay away from him. Don’t be so stupid that he asks you, what are you looking at? You still answer, look at your leaves? Then I don’t know which one of you is stupid!

Of course, neither of these threats is significant. Because you can see through it at a glance. A kind-hearted person will not threaten you, but he will not do anything great. A cruel fool can recognize at a glance, unless you are his kind, then you two are fratricidal. The rest of us just stay away from them. They’ll be endless for a while and a half. Just stay away from this bomber!

Third, be cruel and kind-hearted

This kind of person is a little powerful. He is full of benevolence, righteousness and morality, feelings and brothers, but his heart is extremely dark! On the surface, the more you start to call brothers, the more you should be careful. The so-called feelings and benevolence, righteousness and morality are likely to be his weapons. Because the inside is extremely dark, you use these formal things to package yourself. (refer to Yue buqun)

People who are truly real inside do not need to arm themselves with these formalized things. Just like what we say, you find that there are no gorgeous words and words in our speech, but we are very real, because we have goods inside and do not need these external formalization to be colorful.

Of course, I’m talking about probability, not absolute. There are also some people who are naturally very enthusiastic and like to pull feelings as soon as they meet. This also exists, but it’s relatively few!

How can you tell such people?

Is to test: 1 Money test 2 Service test 3 Test with time

For example: before I got married, in the stage of falling in love with my wife at that time, I wanted to test whether this woman was suitable for marriage, because everyone was performing in the stage of love, so to reveal the real situation in my heart, I needed to use money or things.

How did I do it?

At that time, I deliberately rented a very dilapidated and small house, and then I deliberately took her to the rental house and said to see where I lived. Because I had not been together for a long time at that time, I had prepared the materials. As soon as she saw that such a small house was still shared, she must have run away and disappeared from then on. But as a result, I observed that she didn’t respond and was unhappy. Then she cooked vegetables there and didn’t say anything about the house. I knew that she was a person with a very simple heart, kind-hearted, not disguised, and very sincere to me. Only those who can share hardships can share happiness, and then I decided to marry her. So many marriages have problems, because there is no test before marriage!

In the business war, the same is true for enterprises to absorb talents. As soon as they come, they will talk to you about money. There is basically no real material about how high the salary is. People with real materials don’t talk about money when they come. They talk more about development opportunities, because people with real materials are absolutely confident in themselves, so they don’t worry about wages. People who come for money will basically go for money. Because their competitors give more money, they run away. Maybe they will take some of your people with them, so people with too much interest must be careful!

Are all your relatives and friends around you going to test it? Don’t fool around. I didn’t teach you that. Only those who feel particularly important should be tested. Those who are not particularly important should not be tested. Feelings can’t stand the test. Don’t test randomly!

The second is to try people with things. Just give him a thing to see if he can cooperate to do it according to your wishes, and then see if he can make the result.

Two years ago, a very good classmate in my hometown said that I went back to the party. When I got home, I made an appointment with him. As a result, he made an appointment and said to have dinner at 6 p.m. I was almost at the door of the restaurant. He called me and said he couldn’t come today. He really made an appointment tomorrow! Can such people still socialize again? No need!

It has been seen in this matter that this person is very unreliable, so money can test your position in his heart, and things can test a person’s reliability. So in the company, if you want to cultivate a person, tell him something to do, see if he can make the result according to your meaning, and then give him more things. He can make the result according to your meaning every time, so you can reuse him.

Third: test with time. We say that Lu Yao knows horsepower and sees people’s hearts over time. Therefore, if a person has no problem with money and things, he should be observed for a period of time.

Any hypocritical person cannot escape the test of time and will leak out. Many people we call coke people, that is, they feel good when they touch them. They are really in place, just like drinking coke. But don’t be happy too early. It’s very likely that this person is a showy person. It’s the three axes for everyone. After swinging, he begins to reveal his stuffing. It’s like drinking coke. The more he drinks, the less he tastes. Another kind of people are coffee people. They don’t drink well at first, but the more they taste, the more fragrant they are.

Real experts can stand the test of time!

When we want to reuse talents in the company, we should try to promote those who have followed us for the longest time. Some companies like to engage in airborne soldiers and think that the talents outside are more powerful. This has a certain risk, because you have a short contact time with them. You don’t know his true side at all. He’s probably just a coke man. The person who is really easy to use must be the one who has been trained by himself, because he has experienced the test of time and is always united with you and the company.

The fourth kind: a good heart and a cruel hand

This is a really powerful top master, and this is also the person we want to become in real cultivation. It is called Bodhisattva’s heart and devil’s means!

In fact, Buddha and devil are similar in means. The difference is only between one thought. It is called one thought into Buddha and one thought into devil. This is that the Buddha uses means to eliminate violence and tranquilize good in order to achieve the purpose of good, while the devil uses means to act recklessly in order to achieve the purpose of evil.

So we understand that a cruel and kind-hearted person has extremely powerful means, but he is a means to achieve his evil purpose, that is, to obtain his own interests at the expense of the interests of others. This kind of person follows the devil’s way. This kind of person will have periodic small success, but can’t achieve long-term great success, because as long as a time cycle passes, the people around him will see through him and leave him.

A person with a good heart and a cruel hand also has extremely powerful means, but he uses means to punish the wicked and achieve the purpose of kindness, which is to obtain his own longer-term interests by achieving others. Then this kind of person takes Buddhism and Taoism. This kind of person can achieve long-term great success even though his short-term success is slower. Because he can stand the test of time, more and more people will follow him. When the Buddha cleaned up the monkey king, If the Buddha’s means are not higher than that of the monkey king, the Buddha will be crushed by the monkey king at the foot of the five elements mountain.

That’s clear,We should cultivate our heartsKindnessA soft hand keeps away from a cruel handhotA man with a cruel heart and a kind face will become a man with a kind heart and a cruel hand. Be a good man among people and a bad man among bad people!