Security monitoring system of GPS time synchronization device (NTP clock server)


Security monitoring system of GPS time synchronization device (NTP clock server)

Security monitoring system of GPS time synchronization device (NTP clock server)

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Construction background

With the continuous development of China’s economy, the rapid development of public transport, the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, more and more people choose to take the plane as a means of travel; Airport has the characteristics of large flow of people and high safety performance. As a civil aviation transportation enterprise, safety is its eternal theme and premise of development, and security and service work have never existed in isolation, but integrated with each other. As an important infrastructure of air transportation and city, it is urgent to deepen the construction of airport and its surrounding safety management system and strengthen the “technical defense” work of airport.

It has become an urgent problem to effectively protect the safety of passengers and goods in the airport terminal, flight area and surrounding areas, and improve the security of the airport. Due to the wide area, complex traffic inside and around the airport, a large number of access control, fences or partitions, the airport monitoring environment is complex. In addition, the airport has a large flow of people and vehicles, large passenger and cargo flow, and more aircraft take-off and landing, and vehicle driving and stopping. As a transportation hub, the level requirements of security protection are relatively high, and full real-time, zero delay video and control are required The system poses a great challenge. If we can help the airport management department to find out the abnormal behavior in time and deal with, stop or punish, eliminate the potential security risks, so as to ensure the safety of property or personnel, it will be of great significance to the management of the airport safety management department.

System architecture


Features of the scheme

Super star full color design

The acquisition system adopts professional star class product design, which can effectively avoid light pollution, reduce system power consumption, reduce traffic accidents, and further promote urban energy conservation, environmental protection and personal safety. Super star full-color design, restore more color information, help relevant departments dig more valuable clues.

Multidimensional information perception

The acquisition equipment integrates multiple intelligent application technologies, such as structural analysis, vehicle acquisition and identification, intelligent motion tracking, high-definition video splicing, video intelligent analysis, etc., and transforms passive monitoring into active prevention, which greatly improves the video utilization efficiency.

Global command augmented reality

Through ar Augmented Reality technology, it can label and dynamically display the buildings, roads, key targets, mobile terminals and directions in the video images, and integrate the video / picture / text information to provide static tags and dynamic tags, which can quickly retrieve and locate in real time. At the same time, the high point and low point network cameras in the system are realized to realize unified linkage and joint control. Through the high point camera, the overall panoramic situation of the monitoring area can be mastered. By calling the object label in the holographic video, any low point camera in the monitoring area can be called to view the details of the monitoring area from different angles and positions. Furthermore, it is easy to realize the large-scale stereo monitoring and video linkage which not only pays attention to the whole but also takes into account the local.

It can push data to the corresponding label in real time, and directly query the detailed information (floor distribution, employees, etc.) of shopping malls, hotels, schools and hospitals in the area, so as to facilitate emergency command and decision-making.

Image structure analysis

Using structured analysis algorithm, the video and image are analyzed structurally, and the key information is extracted. The unstructured video that is not easy to retrieve can be turned into structured data that can be queried quickly, which greatly improves the efficiency of relevant units.

Efficient operation and maintenance management

Automatic inspection operation and intelligent diagnosis analysis are adopted to quickly determine the cause of the fault, so as to realize the synchronous improvement of operation and maintenance management efficiency and service management quality; It can monitor, manage, analyze and warn the video resources in a unified, active and efficient way.

Flexible system deployment

According to the needs of customers, the core database server of the system can be configured with two computers without single point of failure.

The streaming media forwarding unit of the system supports load balancing and realizes the cluster deployment of streaming media services.

It supports the multi domain deployment architecture, and the system in each region can be autonomous. The inter domain network interruption does not affect the normal operation of the intra domain services.

According to the different scale of monitoring points, the video information management system can be flexibly deployed on PC or server, and can be flexibly expanded according to the business development requirements. It can meet the needs of safe city projects from dozens of roads to thousands of thousands of roads, fully ensuring the system scalability.

Good system compatibility

The system follows the standard requirements of transmission, exchange and control technology of security video monitoring networking system (GB / T 28181-2016), and adopts standardized architecture, network protocol, video coding and decoding protocol, application interface, file format, etc. The system supports onvif protocol and front-end equipment access meeting onvif protocol. The media streaming transmission protocol meets the RTSP standard requirements, and the media encoding format supports the current mainstream H.264 and h.265 coding protocols, and has good compatibility.

The system has good integration ability and secondary development ability, and can provide open interface to realize docking and integrated application with various information systems. The selection of the system will improve the construction of safety engineering monitoring system to a new technical point, and lay a good foundation for the later networking and system application development.