[Second Edition] Introduction to practical course of enterprise level project of high imitation Android Netease cloud music


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In this section, we will give a brief introduction to the course and show some project renderings. If you want to view the video demonstration of the project directly, you can view the third section of the course of “high imitation Android Netease cloud music enterprise level project practice” in Tencent classroom, so that we can have an overall understanding of the project.

1 Introduction

We can’t let you, with a salary of one million a year, become the CEO and reach the peak of your life.

2 Course Introduction

This is a java language, from 0 to develop an Android platform, close to the enterprise level project (my cloud music).
The course includes basic content, advanced content, project encapsulation, project reconstruction and so on. 99% of the code is handwritten.
Because this is a project course; therefore, it will not go deep into the source code to explain some knowledge points and principles, but will roughly explain the basic principles.
It mainly explains how to use the system functions, popular third-party framework, third-party services, to complete close to the enterprise level business level projects. The purpose is to let everyone learn the real enterprise level project development technology.

3. Course orientation

This is a project course , which belongs to intermediate level courses, so we can’t use too many seemingly powerful technologies, such as plug-in, hot repair, etc.; in fact, most of such technologies only learn the basic principles, and then implement a demo. Unless they are thoroughly learned, they are basically afraid to use such technologies in the production environment. Therefore, we believe that every programmer should Write a project similar to enterprise level, because only in this way can we learn how to develop real enterprise project technology.

4 applicable population

Just graduated students
Want to improve the competitiveness of the workplace
Want to learn how to develop Android project from scratch
Android technology development project
Want to learn Android project architecture technology
Want to learn enterprise project development technology
I want to learn Android development

What can be learned

Develop a similar enterprise project from 0
Learn to make 90% general app on the market
Rapid increase of 1 to 2 years of practical development experience
Just after graduation can find a satisfactory job
30% higher salary after working and studying

6 course information

The course is currently 158 chapters, 167 hours, and each video has been carefully edited.
The maximum resolution of online learning is 1080p, and the resolution of offline learning is 2K.

7 project information

The complete git submission history corresponds to each video one by one. At present, there are 584 submissions, 9885 lines of comments and 9837 lines of code (excluding visual layout file, pure java code).

8 development environment

Android 10+Android Studio 3.5+Java

9 project screenshot

For more functions, please refer to the third section of the course.

[Second Edition] Introduction to practical course of enterprise level project of high imitation Android Netease cloud music

[Second Edition] Introduction to practical course of enterprise level project of high imitation Android Netease cloud music

[Second Edition] Introduction to practical course of enterprise level project of high imitation Android Netease cloud music

[Second Edition] Introduction to practical course of enterprise level project of high imitation Android Netease cloud music

10 course knowledge points

This is quite a lot. Please check it directly. Please check the details of the course “high imitation Android Netease cloud music enterprise level project”.

11 our advantages

11.1 this is an enterprise project

160 hours of enterprise level project course, what you learn is not demo / toy level course

11.2 Ultra HD video

Online learning resolution up to 1080p, offline learning resolution 2K, bring you film level learning experience

11.3 carefully edited video

Each video is carefully edited to get rid of background noise, project running time, sentence barrier, etc., so that you can say goodbye to 50 cents special effects

11.4 online supporting documents

Each video has its own document, recording the most important knowledge points in the field, so that you can learn and review correctly

11.5 complete supporting source code

Provide a complete set of running source code, so that you can learn and work in reuse are handy

11.6 the source code contains the complete git submission history

Provide and section on the submission history, so that you can easily track the evolution of the entire enterprise project

11.7 99% of the course codes are handwritten

In the project, 99% of the code is handwritten, followed by the completion, whether it is typing speed, or coding ability have a qualitative leap

11.8 complete other platform courses

This is an enterprise class series of courses. At present, there are supporting IOS client and rails server courses, so that you can say goodbye to the isolated island of project knowledge, learn the development ideas and technologies of different platforms, so as to have a thorough understanding

11.9 one on one Q & A for a long time

From 8:00 to 23:00 every day, we provide QQ, wechat, remote and other ways to answer questions, so that you can say goodbye to the embarrassment of no place to ask questions. 90% of the questions will be answered within 10 minutes, and others may take about 1 hour

11.10 free learning 5-year remake

All of our courses are free to learn 5-year reprinted versions. Generally, one version will be reproduced every 2 years, so that the technology you learn will be more up-to-date; Q & A is also valid for 5 years, and there is no follow-up fee. You can bid farewell to being paid for cutting leeks by knowledge

11.11 irregular return visit to trainees

Understand the learning problems, collect opinions and suggestions, so as to better improve the course

12 course learning methods

Learn 90% of videos online and 10% of videos offline. Contact customer service for specific information

About us

We love to learn; our philosophy is “life is short, we only do a good lesson.”.

14 frequently asked questions

14.1 course validity period?

Some platforms are five years old, some platforms are permanent, and offline learning is also permanent. However, if we can’t wait so long, we will make an upgraded version again. All our courses are free to learn 5-year re versions.

14.2 how long is the one-to-one Q & a service valid?

Like the courses, they are valid for five years.

14.3 what questions can one-on-one service ask?

In principle, it is a question within the course; however, due to the lack of trainees, other questions can also be asked.

14.4 can learning be guaranteed?

We can’t guarantee that everyone will learn. We can only guarantee the quality of our courses. Whether you can learn or not depends entirely on whether you really want to learn, because we think there are more ways than difficulties.

14.5 can you master Android development?

Certainly not. We think that programming is actually a very complex topic. We can not even guarantee that we can master the knowledge points in the course, because it requires repeated practice if we are not proficient.

14.6 what level can you achieve after completing this course?

It can reach the level of intermediate development engineer. Because this is a general project course, as long as you have mastered all the knowledge in the course, you can make 90% of the app on the market (it’s hard to do it well). For example, if you don’t use third-party services, you still need to learn deeply, such as real-time audio and video communication.

14.7 does the course include server / other client knowledge?

It only contains the knowledge of this course, but does not include the knowledge of the server and other clients, but there are supporting courses. Because the knowledge of multiple platforms is mixed together, it is difficult for us to learn real knowledge. It is relatively easy to learn other platforms after learning one platform.

14.8 why take project courses?

We don’t talk about any big principles here, but just one example: even if we can make tires, engines and frames, we can not necessarily assemble a car. The same is true for learning. If we only learn scattered knowledge, such as login, registration, list display and other functions, it is not so simple to integrate them into writing a project.

14.9 more questions

Please contact us love learning ah customer service QQ: 3469271680 consultation.

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