Scientific research perception

  1. Recently, I have read some articles in some top journals, and I have some opinions. In terms of publishing high-level articles, the articles issued by top laboratories often form their own school, and most of them rely on their own strength to carry out experiments and publish articles; Medium-sized laboratories rely on the cooperation with laboratories at the same level to publish high-level articles. This way can better dispatch human, material and financial resources to achieve a win-win situation. Cooperation with others can often make a certain degree of progress.
  2. The subtlety and rationality of the experimental design and the novelty of the experimental selection point are very important to the level of the article. High score articles often need novel and unsolved interesting topics, reasonable and ingenious experimental design and cutting-edge novel and popular experimental methods.
  3. Idea is really, really important.
  4. Bioinformatics analysis may require several stages:
    Phase I: be familiar with Linux system, be able to install some health information packages based on Linux system according to the online tutorial, and be able to analyze the results according to the tutorial.
    Phase II: get familiar with the classification of some Shengxin packages, how to install packages with various suffixes, what is the source package, contact some websites such as GitHub, and adjust the parameters of the software according to Maunal to get the desired results.
    Third stage: when you start to contact the computer programming language, the first contact may be R language, followed by Python and Perl language. Take the initiative to learn the basic knowledge of R language, connect the application level and theoretical level, process data and draw pictures.
    Phase IV: have a deeper understanding of statistical knowledge, such as the principle of enrichment analysis, how Fisher test works, analysis of variance, t-test, chi square test, how p value comes from, and how to correct p value. Only by understanding the principle can we adjust parameters and data sets and get the results we want.
    Phase V: according to their own needs, they can use R language to encapsulate functions, establish R package, use perl language to write some scripts to improve their work efficiency, and use the programming language skillfully.