Science fiction Oriental wall street-69


Science fiction Oriental wall street-69

Restart test

That night, Chen Haoqiang called everyone to hold an online video conference again. At the meeting, he said: “the transmission test should have been successful, but unfortunately, an unexpected accident happened and Wang Laifeng died. His death is not due to a problem with the quantum transmission device, but for another reason… It may be a special lethal weapon, called acoustic weapon…”

what? Sonic weapon? We have never heard of it. We were shocked when the pot burst open.

Chen Haoqiang asked tutor Z: do you want to retest?

Tutor Z said, “we must do it again, otherwise we can’t explain to the outside world. However, we must learn lessons and prepare in advance to ensure everything is safe. We spend ten days preparing, and the next test is scheduled for March 13.”

Chen Haoqiang said, “OK, restart the test in ten days… Then who will be the tester?”

“Let me do it!” Energy brother said.

As soon as brother energy‘s voice fell, someone raised his hand and said, “I can, let me test!”

Chen Haoqiang found that the person raising his hand was Tang Ziyan.

Xuanjizi said to Tang Ziyan, “you have another arrangement. Let brother energy test it.”

After the meeting, xuanjizi told Chen Haoqiang and Tang Ziyan, “at that time, we will start three crystal balls on the scene, create a triangular array, border the scene, protect the scene, isolate all external interference and ensure safety.”

Chen Haoqiang asked UAV expert ngo1 to send 100 UAVs to take off one hour in advance to conduct air patrol within a radius of 10 kilometers of Shangri La quantum transmission energy field to drive away all suspicious people of unknown origin.

After everything was ready, the test officially began at 10 a.m. on March 13.

Sure enough, the energy brother instantly appeared in Shangri La by transmitting the energy field through quantum from eastern wall street.

“We succeeded!” Brother energy waved his hands excitedly and said loudly.

Everyone took photos with their mobile phones and recorded an exciting moment.

According to the original plan, 10 minutes later, the energy brother transferred the energy field from Shangri La through quantum and instantly returned to the eastern wall street.

The next day, Chen Haoqiang and his team held a press conference at the Oriental wall street life science experimental base, released relevant pictures and video materials to the outside world, and announced the success of the quantum transmission energy field test.

At the same time, Chen Haoqiang also publicized the planning of Shangri La dream city at the press conference.

Chen Haoqiang said: “next, we will create quantum energy transmission fields in 12 countries around the world and open up channels for local transmission to Shangri La. The construction of the dream capital will start on June 6, 2033 and is planned to be completed before 2040.”

Quantum transmission energy field, the dream capital of Shangri La, these information quickly spread all over the world. On the same day, the global technology concept stocks generally rose, especially the companies related to space immigration and Mars settlement, which soared for three consecutive days. For a time, the dream city of Shangri La became a hot search keyword and ranked first in the hot search rankings of search engines and social platforms. The famous future weekly published a cover feature article with the title: the world’s eyes have turned to the East again

Seven of the world’s richest people and 15 philanthropists from all over the world expressed their willingness to support the Oriental wall street life science experimental base. The total amount of their sponsorship exceeded 3 billion yuan, which was specially used to create the quantum transmission energy field and the dream capital of Shangri La.

Chen Haoqiang clapped his hands with brother energy to congratulate him. Chen Haoqiang said happily, “ha ha, our efforts were not in vain. We really succeeded!”

“With dreams, everything is possible!” Brother energy raised his fist with his right hand, waved it in the air and said, “the future must be more wonderful!”.

Tutor Z was finally relieved. A long lost smile appeared on his face, He said happily: “We have taken a solid first step towards interstellar travel, and we will make persistent efforts… I believe that the dream city of Shangri La will be completed as scheduled! Imagine that several years later, the dream city of Shangri La will become a paradise everyone yearns for, and each of our interstellar seeds must be happy in our hearts. Because we came to this planet in our life and left a legacy for mankind A pure land… “

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