Scala sum example code


Scala is a multi paradigm programming language, which is designed to integrate various features of object-oriented programming and functional programming.

Scala runs on a Java virtual machine and is compatible with existing Java programs.

Scala source code is compiled into Java bytecode, so it can run on top of the JVM and call existing Java class libraries.

def sum(f: Int => Int)(a: Int)(b: Int): Int = {

  def loop(n: Int, acc: Int): Int = {
   if (n > b) {
   } else {
    loop(n + 1, acc + f(n))
  loop(a, 0)
 sum(x => x)(1)(5)
 sum(x => x*x)(1)(5)
 //Use wildcards
 val sumSqure = sum(x => x * x)_ 

=>It can be understood as a mapping relationship
Corrilization and partial application function

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