Say goodbye to a certain degree? An open source ad free self hosting search engine!


[introduction]: a search engine with self hosting, no advertising and strict privacy protection.

brief introduction

Whoogle search is a self managed and ad free search engine. It does not expose personal privacy such as amp chain, cookie and IP tracking. It can be easily deployed as a docker application with one click, and pull up an ad free search service to obtain Google search results. It can be implemented quickly and simply as the main search engine alternative on desktop and mobile devices.

Functional features:

  • No advertising or sponsorship content
  • No JavaScript script
  • Do not track / link personal IP addresses
  • No amp link
  • No URL tracking tag
  • No reference header
  • Tor and HTTP / Socks proxy support
  • Auto supplement / search suggestions
  • Post request search and suggestion query
  • Theme dark mode
  • Randomly generated user agent
  • Easy to install / deploy
  • Optional location based search
  • Optional nojs mode to disable all JavaScript in search results

Project address:…

Download and install


If heroku quick deploy is used, you can skip this section. Otherwise, please refer to:

  • Docker, which is only required when you intend to build an application docker image
  • Python 3
  • Libcurl4 OpenSSL Dev and libssl dev


brew install openssl curl-openssl


sudo apt-get install -y libcurl4-openssl-dev libssl-dev


pacman -S curl openssl


  1. Heroku

Heroku account is required. Heroku provides the following functions:

  • Free app deployment
  • Free HTTPS website (HTTPS: / / < app name >. Herokuapp. Com)
  • Downtime after a period of inactivity, solution:

A replica account is required. Replica provides the following functions:

Need a fly IO account. To install the CLI:

curl -L | sh

Deploy application:

fly apps create --org personal --port 5000fly deploy

Then you can pass the application.

  1. Pipx persistence installation:
pipx install git+

Temporary installation of sandbox:

pipx run --spec git+ whoogle-search
  1. pip
pip install whoogle-search
  1. Manual installation

Clone the code warehouse and run the following command to start the application in the local environment:

git clone
cd whoogle-search
python3 -m venv venv
source venv/bin/activate
pip install -r requirements.txt

You can add it as a system service to / lib / SYSTEMd / system / whoogle Add the following content to the service file:


# Basic auth configuration, uncomment to enable
# Proxy configuration, uncomment to enable
#Environment=WHOOGLE_PROXY_USER=<proxy username>
#Environment=WHOOGLE_PROXY_PASS=<proxy password>
#Environment=WHOOGLE_PROXY_TYPE=<proxy type (http|https|proxy4|proxy5)
#Environment=WHOOGLE_PROXY_LOC=<proxy host/ip>
# Site alternative configurations, uncomment to enable
# Note: If not set, the feature will still be available
# with default values.
# Load values from dotenv only
ExecStart=<whoogle_directory>/venv/bin/python3 -um app --host --port 5000
ExecReload=/bin/kill -HUP $MAINPID

  1. Docker deployment through docker hub:
docker pull benbusby/whoogle-search
docker run --publish 5000:5000 --detach --name whoogle-search benbusby/whoogle-search:latest

Or use docker compose:

git clone
cd whoogle-search
docker-compose up

Or build your own image to run:

git clone
cd whoogle-search
docker build --tag whoogle-search:1.0 .
docker run --publish 5000:5000 --detach --name whoogle-search whoogle-search:1.0

Browser settings

You can set whoogle as the main search engine in the browser.

Firefox (desktop)

  • Version 89 +: navigate to your app’s web address, right-click the address bar, and then select add search engine
  • Previous versions: navigate to the URL of the application and click the menu in the address bar. At the bottom, there should be an “add search engine” option
  • After adding a new search engine, open the Firefox Preferences menu, click search in the left menu, and then use the available drop-down list to select whoogle from the list


On the mobile application settings page, click “search” in the “general” section. There should be an option entitled “add search engine” to choose from. Prompt for a title and search query URL, and fill out the form with the following elements:

  • Title: “Whoogle”
  • URL: http[s]://<your whoogle url>/search?q=%s

Firefox (Android)

  • Version < 79.0.0: navigate to the web address of the application; Long press the search text field; Click “add search engine” menu item; Select a name and click OK; Click the menu in the upper right corner; Navigate to the setup menu and select the “search” submenu; Select whoogle and press “set as default”;
  • Version > = 79.0.0: click the menu in the upper right corner, navigate to the setting menu and select the “search” submenu; Click “add search engine”; Select the other radio button to complete the form with the following elements:
Name: "whoogle"
Search string to use: HTTPS: // \ < your whoogle URL \ > / search? q=%s

Alfred (Mac OS X)

  • Go to Alfred Preferences > features > Web search and click add custom search. Then configure these settings:
Search URL: ` HTTPS: // < your whoogle URL > / search? q={query}
Title: (optional)
Key words: whoogle
  • Go to default results and click the setup fallback results button. Click + and add a whoogle, then drag it to the top.

Browser based on chrome / chromium

  • Auto add: visit the homepage of whoogle search instance. This may automatically add a search engine to the search engine list. If not, you can add it manually.
  • Add manually: under search engines > manage search engines > add, use whoogle URL / search? Enter the whoogle instance details manually with a URL in the format q =% s.

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