SAP mm sto with ‘return’ flag cannot create inbound delivery order?


SAP mm sto with ‘return’ flag cannot create inbound delivery order?



In studying the global template file of the project, the author noticed the following sentence:

The current version of ERP does not support Stock Transport Order returns as standard with Logistics execution; it is not possible to automatically or manually create an inbound delivery against a Stock Transport Order which has the ‘return’ indicator ticked.

This has aroused the author’s attention. Is that true?

I can’t help but recall the return sto process of the global projects in which I participated. In these projects, there was no inbound delivery document generated. Generally speaking, the return sto process mainly includes the following steps:

1) Create the return sto document;

2) Execute vl10b to create an outbound delivery order, and then execute PGI receiving for the delivery order;

3) Finally, the delivery order is received by Migo.

After the execution of steps 2 and 3, the goods movement of both receiving and shipping is completed. Why is the inbound delivery document not created in this process? The author decided to study it.

The author created sto ා 4501255418 in the system. When “returns item” is not checked, a confirmation control key can be maintained for the item, such as 0007, as shown in the following figure:

SAP MM 带有'Return'标记的STO,不能创建内向交货单?


Once the author has checked the ‘returns items’ option in the line item, press enter,

SAP MM 带有'Return'标记的STO,不能创建内向交货单?


The value 0007 in the confirmation control key of the item will be cleared automatically, and the field will become uneditable automatically, as shown in the figure above.

Therefore, the return type sto cannot generate inbound delivery, either manually or automatically. This is really the standard behavior of SAP systems.


Written in Suzhou on May 18, 2020.