Sand sculpture plug-ins in vs Code


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As the most powerful front-end editor, vs code is the most popular development tool. With its extensible program support (by installing the extension program, vs code can support more new languages, interface themes, testers, and more value-added services), and is sought after by the majority of developers.

Moreover, the extension program of vs code runs in independent progress to ensure that the running speed of the editor will not be slowed down.

This is the reason why vs code can be loved by the majority of developers. Through the development of extensions, we can improve the ecology of the entire development tool, so that we can use vs code You can see a variety of plug-ins on the. There are very practical and convenient ones, which can bring efficiency improvement and development help to developers. However, the power of the people is great, and the wisdom of the people is infinite. In addition to being practical, some plug-ins for water drawing and sand carving have been developed.

Today, let’s list the sand sculpture plug-ins on vs code. They may not work, but they are interesting; they may not work, but some can help you to paddle at work.

1、 Chasing after the gods

I remember this thing before the official account. This plug-in is the magic artifact: daily-anime.

Sand sculpture plug-ins in vs Code

Programmers can’t find it useful for programmers to catch up with them after they go to work, so they can say that they don’t like it when they go to work.

Sand sculpture plug-ins in vs Code

Installation method:

Vscode extension search plug-in daily anime.

2、 A must for listening to music

In addition to the post-90s programmers, most programmers like to listen to music with headphones during the coding process. Therefore, the plug-in for listening to music has also emerged as the times require. With it, the code can be typed and music can be heard.

Plug in name: VSC Netease music

You can tell from the name that Netease cloud music is popular. Its features are very powerful, as follows:

  • Discover music (song list / new song / leaderboard)
  • Search (single / singer / album / list)
  • User login (mobile number / email / cookie)
  • User collection (song list / singer / album)
  • Daily song recommendation / recommended song list / private FM
  • Love music / collect music (single / song list / album / singer)
  • Play mode switching / volume adjustment
  • Daily sign in
  • Line by line lyrics
  • Hot comments
  • Shortcut key support
  • Listening record (not sure valid)
  • No overseas restrictions

Let’s take a look at the dynamic demo:
Sand sculpture plug-ins in vs Code

3、 Novel reading

This is very powerful. What else can I do besides going to work and scurrying? Nowadays, young people like to read novels. When they go to school, they read novels secretly. They are afraid that the teacher will be caught. When they go to work, they are afraid of being caught by the boss? With it, you can paddle.

Plug in name: ePub reader

Sand sculpture plug-ins in vs Code

4、 Encouraging teacher

It’s absolutely amazing. It can be said that this is the most useless and sand sculpture plug-in. Yesterday, when I posted a headline, I didn’t expect that there would be more than 60000 reading. Many netizens said that they would kneel down to ask for other sand sculpture plug-ins, so that we have this complete article of sorting out today.

After all that, what is it? Just look at the picture! Ha ha ha

Sand sculpture plug-ins in vs Code

Do you think that’s it? Not only kunkun, but also Koi goddess surpasses her sister! Come on.

Sand sculpture plug-ins in vs Code

Why do we call it an encourager? Because the function of this plug-in is very simple. It is to remind programmers not to sit too long and not to use their eyes excessively. If you use the vs code code code continuously for an hour (the time can be configured), you will jump out of kunkun or surpass it to remind you that it is time to have a rest.

Is this design very humanized?

Feel our programmer’s product ability is simply, the programmer’s mind can be said to be unrestrained, I think we are not sultry, not dull at all!

WeThe wisdom of programmers should not be underestimated!

What other interesting, interesting and sand sculpture plug-ins have you seen on vs Code? Welcome to leave a message, share, do a group of interesting programmers together.

Sand sculpture plug-ins in vs Code