Samsung releases blockchain mobile phones? Would you buy it?


Samsung releases blockchain mobile phones? Would you buy it?

Samsung launched a blockchain version of its Galaxy Note 10 mobile phone, called “KlaytnPhone”, on September 5th us time, adding support for comparison with special currency, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies in addition to the basic version, according to South Korea’s national daily sedaily.

It is reported that through the “blockchain keystore” app, the galaxy S10 series enables users to realize digital signature, complete the storage and transmission of digital assets and make payments to merchants, that is to say, it is a “blockchain mobile phone”.

At present, the klaytnphone is only sold in South Korea, with a price of about 1000 US dollars (about 7000 yuan).

Samsung’s research and development of “blockchain mobile phone” has a clue for a long time.

As early as the end of 2018, social news website sammobile revealed that Samsung has applied for three trademarks for digital asset applications and is planning to integrate the “cold wallet system” into the upcoming Galaxy S10. In response, Samsung at that time said to the outside world, “this is rumor and speculation.”

But in January 2019, according to a report released by the world intellectual property organization, Samsung submitted three blockchain related patents – blockchain keystore (blockchain application), blockchain keybox (blockchain key box) and blockchain core (blockchain core).

Until the launch of Samsung’s “blockchain mobile phone” a few days ago, disinformation information was officially disinformation.

In fact, Samsung is not the first mobile phone manufacturer to launch “blockchain mobile phones”. Sugar candy, Changhong, Lenovo, HTC and sirin labs have already stepped into the market first. However, most of these mobile phone manufacturers have not been able to pry users in the mass market through “blockchain mobile phones”, and have little reaction in the encryption market.

It has been asserted that the traditional concept of blockchain mobile phones has become “ineffective”.

From the results, blockchain mobile phones may not necessarily create value, but the “application-oriented” smart phones that push “blockchain mobile phones” to the field of payment and bind hardware devices and digital asset wallet applications may have a broader market and growth space than the former.

At present, it is an indisputable fact that the world’s technology giants, including Microsoft, Google, Facebook, etc., have entered the main blockchain industry. In the future, the industry competition will become increasingly fierce.

According to the latest statistics, Samsung is the largest smartphone manufacturer in the world, followed by Huawei, apple, Xiaomi and oppo. Therefore, entering the blockchain industry may be one of the means for Samsung to maintain its dominant position.

As an old Samsung rival, Jennifer Bailey, vice president of Apple pay, also recently said that apple is focusing on cryptocurrencies, but there will be no action in the short term. “We think it has remarkable long-term potential,” Bailey said

For blockchain mobile phones, domestic manufacturers and service providers are also stepping up their layout.

Recently, China Telecom released the white paper on blockchain smart phones in 5g era, which describes a blockchain application ecosystem created by China Telecom. It uses unique decentralization technology to lead new changes in the digital economy, provides a more secure hardware infrastructure for 5g mobile phones, makes 5g mobile phones gradually become nodes of decentralized computing and data, forms a new value transmission network, and shapes hands Safety ecosystem of machine use.

This shows that the blockchain mobile phones mentioned by Telecom will take the blockchain as a low-level technology of mobile phones to ensure the security of mobile phones, rather than just access to simple blockchain applications. As mentioned in the white paper, Telecom will also cooperate with Huawei, 360, Xiaomi and vivo to build 5g blockchain mobile phone ecosystem, which will be a huge blue ocean market.

Will you buy blockchain mobile phones? Why?


Samsung releases blockchain mobile phones? Would you buy it?