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Internet technology is reshaping the consumption scene of new retail and changing the consumer thinking. Consumption habits have changed from the era of price to the era of value. At the same time, experience needs are upgraded. In the digital process of “people, goods and market”, new retail needs different design and thinking for different vertical fields, and produces different business element solutions.

The salon is based on JD’s core technologies in retail industry and social e-commerce, as well as the successful solutions in the promotion of “618” and “double 11”, combined with JD cloud’s many landing practices in the new retail field, to explain all aspects of digital innovation in new retail, and focus on monitoring the technological upgrading of operation and maintenance, and how enterprises rely on “JD capabilities” to build a community The creative impact of e-commerce system and blockchain technology on the retail industry has been discussed with developers.

Activity details

Time: 13:00-18:00, May 26, 2019 (Sunday)

Location: Shanghai Hello coffee (floor 1, No. 918, Yan’an west road, Changning District, Shanghai)

Theme: from high concurrency architecture to enterprise level blockchain, explore digital innovation in the new retail Era

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Content announcement

Topic 1: how does JD database service respond to “big promotion activities”?

Guo Lijing, senior director of JD cloud product R & D department

As the central “nerve” of the underlying architecture, database is of great significance to business support for its robustness, reliability and high performance. This sharing meeting:

1. Starting from the selection of appropriate database services, analyze the common database service performance problems in detail

2. How to complete technical details such as requirements with high cost performance in the business peak scenario, and explain with the specific production practice of JD e-commerce, so that developers can have a deeper understanding of the basic methods of database selection, high available architecture and many modes of performance optimization, and provide experience and skills of system support in the super traffic scenario.

Topic 2: design and practice of enterprise level monitoring system

Zheng Yongkuan, director of JD cloud product R & D department

1. Key issues of enterprise level monitoring system

2. Design ideas and methods of large monitoring system

3. JD cloud monitoring practice experience

Theme 3: SaaS product technology architecture of social E-commerce

Zhao Jinyong, head of social e-commerce, JD cloud application R & D department

1. Concept of social E-commerce

2. How to rely on “JD capabilities” to help enterprises build social e-commerce system

3. Technical advantages of JD e-commerce cloud in the field of social E-commerce

4. Define SaaS of wechat applets and explore how to realize SaaS deployment of applets through hosting

5. In depth explore how the server can realize multi tenant deployment through domain name pan resolution

Topic 4: technical practice based on enterprise level blockchain framework system JD chain

Zhang Zuoyi, product innovation director of JD digital blockchain

1. Interpretation of the overall technical framework of JD blockchain

2. Introduction to the underlying framework of JD chain blockchain

2. Overview of Jingdong blockchain product innovation and Application

3. Application case sharing of blockchain in retail industry

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