Sagit.Framework Introduction to for IOS development framework 12: uiview interface base class stview



In SAGIT framework, all new controllers and UI views need to inherit from the base class of the framework. This paper introduces the base class of controller: stview.

Stview: basic definition

@interface STView : UIView
//! corresponding controller (weak reference, otherwise double reference memory is not guaranteed)
@property (nonatomic,weak) STController *Controller;

//! do you want to turn on the mobile phone rotation refresh layout function.
@property (nonatomic,assign) BOOL isStartRotateEvent;
//! initialization
//! load UI (system internal call)
#Two common event methods of pragma mark: initui, initdata ා pragma mark (and one in the base class: reloaddata)
//! UI initialization
//! event is executed after UI initialization


There are few definitions of base classes, mainly initialization events.

In addition, specify whether to refresh the layout when the phone rotates.

There are few base class methods because most of the functions are extended to uiview.

So there’s nothing to introduce about this class. That’s the end of this article.


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