Sagit.Framework For IOS automatic layout tutorial: 12. Special usage of uibutton, uilabel, uitextfield, uitextview



This article introduces the common functional usage of some elements.

1. Uibutton special usage: the countdown is displayed on the button.

Basic definition

//! when button dynamically sets the text or picture, the width is adaptive
//! displays the countdown state (seconds) of NS. When the time is up, the initial text will be restored by default
//! display the countdown state of NS (seconds) resetstateonend yes
-(UIButton *)showTime:(NSInteger)second resetStateOnEnd:(BOOL)resetStateOnEnd;

Special instructions:

For clicking the button to send the verification code, there is a countdown of N seconds. This function has been provided.

2. Uilabel special usage: long press to copy text content.

Basic definition

#Pragma mark extends system events
//! copy text

Special note: the framework realizes the function of long press prompt to copy text.

3. Uitextfile single line input special usage: length limit, add text modification event.

Basic definition

typedef void (^OnTextFieldEdit)(UITextField*textField,BOOL isEnd);
@property (nonatomic,copy) OnTextFieldEdit onEdit;
#Custom addition system of pragma mark
//! the maximum length specified by the text (you can't enter more than this length)
//! specify the maximum length of the text (beyond which you can no longer enter content)
- (UITextField*)maxLength:(NSInteger)length;

4. Uitextview multi line input special usage: length line limit, text modification event(The text box changes and keyboard bounce events are handled

Basic definition

typedef void (^OnTextViewEdit)(UITextView*textView,BOOL isEnd);
@property (nonatomic,copy) OnTextViewEdit onEdit;
#Custom addition system of pragma mark
//! maximum length of text box
- (UITextView*)maxLength:(NSInteger)length;

//! maximum number of lines in text box (PX)
- (NSInteger)maxRow;
- (UITextView*)maxRow:(NSInteger)num;


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