Rust report card – generate a quality report for your rust code


Rust report card - generate a quality report for your rust code

Rust Report Card

brief introduction

Rust report card service can help you analyze potential quality problems in your rust code through nearly 500 code detection items, and also get badge.

Based on the lint rules defined in the trust Clippy, the service analyzes and scans the static code of rust, and helps you to go further and write better code on the basis of rust compiler checking. The checking contents include the writing method that can optimize performance, the writing method that can simplify code, the code idiomatic style that is more in line with best practice, the checking of unused variables and cargo declaration files, etc.

Rust report card provides incremental code scanning, code quality rating, badge generation, open source software protocol checking and open source rust code quality rating.

Code quality rating and scoring rules

score grade Badge
> 90 A+
> 80 A
> 70 B
> 60 C
> 50 D
> 40 E
<= 40 F

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