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1. Dereference forced polymorphism
Example: follow the example above

fn hello(name: &str) { 
    println!("Hello, {}!", name); 

fn main() { 
    let m = MyBox::new(String::from("Rust")); 
    hello(&m); // When dereferencing here, force polymorphism and change & string to & str. otherwise, you need: Hello (& (* m) [..]; 

2. Dereference polymorphism and variability interaction
There are three cases of dereference polymorphism:

  • When   T: Deref   Shi Cong  & T   reach  & U。
  • When   T: DerefMut   Shi Cong  & mut T   reach  & mut U。
  • When   T: Deref   Shi Cong  & mut T   reach  & U。 (Note: the opposite is impossible here)

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