Ruffian scale embedded: some suggestions on working attitude of doing Technology


Hello, everyone. I’m a ruffian. I’m a real technical ruffian. Today, ruffian Heng doesn’t talk about technology. He talks with everyone casually.

As the old saying goes, “attitude determines everything”, attitude is the topic that ruffian Heng wants to talk about today.

In our embedded industry, we have just started to work. In fact, there is not much difference in professional level. However, after three or five years, there will be obvious stratification in the technical level. What causes this differentiation?

Yes, it’s the attitude towards the daily technical work that leads to the difference in level! The right attitude will make your technical level steadily improve over time, while the wrong attitude will make your technical level improve slowly or even stagnate.

What is the right attitude towards doing technology? There are three suggestions for ruffian Heng

1、 Finish the task on time

Let’s start with a simple and straightforward suggestion, which is to finish the task on time.

We know that the technical task itself is very difficult to quantify. Due to the different difficulty and experience level of each person, the time required to complete the task is also different.

When the leader assigns a task, he usually gives you an estimated time, which is not necessarily accurate. If you fail to complete the task at the specified time, the leader may not punish you. Usually, it is to extend the time for you to continue to complete the task.

Since it is difficult to quantify and accurately estimate the time of technical tasks, some people wonder, why do we always force ourselves to complete tasks on time? In fact, there is an inertia trap. Human nature is lazy. If everything has a way back, then everything will not do its best.

If you record the results of a day of hard work and a day of half sculling, you will find that there is a big gap. If this small gap is accumulated for a month or a year, the gap will be very amazing.

If you have a certain pursuit of your own technical level and hope that you can make achievements in your professional field, then you must spend more than 10000 hours in this field (attention is the effective time). There is no shortcut to go. The earlier you reach it, the earlier you can realize the realm of “looking for him in the crowd, suddenly looking back, the man is in the dim light”.

2、 Make necessary records

Keeping a good record seems to be a simple habit, but it is not easy.

As the saying goes, “a good memory is better than a bad pen”. In fact, there is no difficulty in doing embedded business, but the knowledge points and skills involved are very trivial.

Most of the time when you are doing a specific task, because you have spent a lot of time on it, you are familiar with the skills involved in the task. However, if you look back after a month or two, you may have forgotten everything.

Therefore, we need to record all the knowledge and skills when we are most familiar with it, so that we can look back on it in the future.

What is experience? What is high level? In fact, you can quickly pick up what you used to know and use it in front of you to improve your work efficiency.

Another significance of making a good record is to turn abstract things into concrete plaintexts. Some skills you think you understand, but before you write them down, you may not really understand them. Only when you write them down in an orderly way, will it change from hazy perceptual knowledge to clear and rational knowledge.

3、 Always be curious

Curiosity, to expand your knowledge is very helpful, do technology to always maintain curiosity.

After taking part in the work, due to personal interests and expertise, after two or three years, usually you will form a specific skill area in the group, which is also the need of division of labor within the group.

Any task in the group that matches your skills will be given priority to you, which will lead you to be more professional in this skill field, and it will also restrict you to this field to some extent.

It’s not that it’s not good to cultivate in a certain field. Of course, we should be experts in a certain field. However, the limitation of skills can easily lead to the limitation of thinking. The disadvantage of thinking limitation is that we can’t break through the existing cognition, appreciate the elegant demeanor of other fields, and can’t produce the sparks of thinking collision.

If there are some tasks involving new areas, you need to take the initiative to fight for them. It is not sure that they will open the door to a new world for you.

In daily work, colleagues often ask for help from each other. Many times, if a colleague asks for help in your field of skills, you are generally willing to help him. If the problem is not in your skill area, I believe you will hesitate to help him, because it will consume your time and force you to spend time understanding what you don’t know.

Please seize the opportunity for colleagues to ask you for help. This is your right opportunity to use your curiosity to learn about other fields. Remember that any time and effort you spend will come out to help you one day in the future.

The above is the ruffian Heng about do technology should hold some personal words, do not guarantee absolutely correct, only for reference. Well, that’s all for today’s chat. See you next time.