Ruffian scale embedded: several suggestions on how to consult the master effectively in the workplace


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Hello, everyone. I’m a ruffian. I’m a real technical ruffian. Today, ruffian Heng doesn’t talk about technology. He talks with everyone casually.

In recent years, with the deepening of his qualifications (accompanied by the decrease of his distribution), he has also brought many fresh students / interns. At the same time, because of the project cooperation, he often asks the company’s predecessors for advice, so he has some experience in consulting others and being consulted.

Today, we mainly talk about the new person’s request for advice. If you are a new person in the workplace, your manager will arrange a nominal mentor for you. The master is usually a colleague who has worked in the company for more than three or five years. He is familiar with the company’s products and business. He can quickly introduce you and help you solve any problems encountered in the initial stage of work.

But the ruffian Heng adds a “nominal” attributive modifier in front of the noun “Shifu”. Why is it a nominal master? Because in essence, you and he are just colleagues at the same level. Everyone has their own work plan and arrangement, so the master only helps you, regardless of income.

If you understand the definition of a master in the workplace, you need to put yourself in a correct attitude when asking for advice from the master. Don’t have the mentality that the master must be responsible for you in the end. So what is the right posture to open to ask the master for advice? From the perspective of master’s psychology, ruffian Heng gives three suggestions to the newcomers

1、 Always choose the right time

As the old saying goes, “the time is right, the place is favorable and the people are in harmony”. The ruffian Heng puts the opportunity to consult the master first. The timing is very important because the master also has his own work tasks. The first goal of the master is to complete the established tasks every day. If he has spare energy, he will be very happy to bring new people and help them.

We can’t avoid dealing with all kinds of code in the embedded industry. Most of the time, we are either writing code or solving bugs. Dealing with code is a delicate task that needs attention. Most people don’t want to be disturbed when they are fully focused.

Therefore, as a new person, you must find the right time to consult the master. Try not to interrupt the master when he is immersed in his work. A good tempered master may be able to hold down his work in hand and switch to the task of helping you. A bad tempered master may even refuse you directly, even if he does not refuse you, his attitude in the process of helping you will be very poor. In the long run, it is not conducive to the growth of new people.

So what is the right time? This requires observation. People have different habits and need to pay more attention to them at ordinary times. For example, if the master wants to go to the tea room to fetch water, you can also draw water and follow it. When you raise your question in the process, he can naturally switch to the task of helping you; for example, the master is chatting with other colleagues about things outside of work, and when the master just finishes the topic, you immediately go to ask questions; for example, the master is tidying up the table or dismantling the table Express, you can also ask questions. If your question is a little urgent, but there is no opportunity for the master, you can preview with the master on Skype / wechat, and ask the master when he is free.

In a word, do not interrupt the master in the process of concentrating on his work, do not affect the normal work of the master.

2、 Be prepared to ask questions

If you choose the right time, the master is willing to help you at this time. At this time, you need to seize this opportunity to ask questions. You should cherish every opportunity to ask questions and make every consultation effective and efficient!

What is efficient? First of all, your question must be accurate and specific. If the problem is relatively large, you need to break it down into a number of small questions in advance, and write them down in your notebook. When you ask questions, take your notebook with you. Secondly, for each small problem, you need to know and try in advance, to let the master know that it is really impossible for you to solve, because you have tried, and when the master answers you, you can have the feeling of being overwhelmed. Finally, for the master’s answer, you need to write down all the key points, and then you can understand and sort it out again and again after you go back. Never ask the master again and again because you can’t remember. People’s patience is limited.

In addition, for some complex logic or issues related to architecture, you need to do extra preparation before asking questions. For example, you can draw a block diagram or flow chart, mark your doubts in the diagram, and refer to the diagram when consulting the master, because the diagram is always more intuitive than your description, and can ensure that you always focus on the theme in the process of communication with the master Partial.

Only prepared enough questions will let the master patiently answer for you, because this reflects your basic respect for the master.

3、 Appropriate communication outside work

Last but not least, how do you get along with the master. People are sentimental animals. Although we get together for the purpose of earning money and supporting the family, colleagues should get along with each other for a long time, and they can also talk about life properly.

The chatting life here does not refer to the kind of in-depth heart to heart talk. Ruffian Heng does not recommend that you talk to the master about personal / family privacy. Whether you disclose your privacy to the master or you want to inquire about the master’s privacy, it is not advisable.

The so-called friendship between gentlemen is as light as water, and the real long-term friendship is actually plain. Everyone talks about hobbies, current affairs, and occasionally makes a small joke, which is not far away from each other.

Of course, if you feel that the master’s help to you is sincere and meticulous, you can ask the master to have a meal from time to time to express your gratitude. The master’s help to you is essentially regardless of the benefits. You can give appropriate feedback to make the master feel that you are a grateful person.

The above is the ruffian Heng on how to consult the master some personal words, not guaranteed to be absolutely effective, only for reference. Well, that’s all for today’s chat. See you next time.

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