Ruffian Heng embedded: Super download algorithm rt-ufl v1 Use of 0 under segger ozone


“Academic” project led by ruffian HengRt-ufl – Design of a super download algorithm for full platform i.mxrtv1. Version 0 has been released for nearly four months. Some customers have used this super download algorithm in the actual project development and debugging. At present, the feedback is OK, but this super download algorithm is far from mature. Ruffian Heng is planning v2 Version 0.

Super download algorithm rt-ufl v1 Version 0 is mainly aimed at the segger j-link debugger. The development and testing are also carried out under the j-link commander and j-flash software, but in fact, it is also applicable to major commonly used ides. The above ruffian Heng introduced the super download algorithm inMCUXpresso IDE / IAR / MDKBut if we only have one program executable file or image file without corresponding complete source code project, can we happily debug online? Certainly. Today, let’s talk about its use under an IDE like artifact software segger ozone:

1、 About segger ozone

Ozone is an application debugging and performance analysis software for j-link simulator produced by segger company. Its interface style is very similar to that of general ide. It can provide all debugging functions supported by IDE (single step, breakpoint, look at disassembly, check register, check variable, check memory, etc.), and also provide more advanced performance analysis functions (function call tracking, variable value real-time sampling, power consumption measurement, etc.).

Ozone only takes the executable files (. Elf,. AXF,. Out) or image files (. Hex,. SREC,. Bin) generated by common ides as the input source. The supported tool chain / IDE includes GCC, clang, Keil MDK, IAR, etc. in short, compared with ozone, IDE is the same as ide except that it cannot compile and link source code.

2、 Prepare test environment

Now we need to prepare the test environment, including necessary software and hardware. The environment of ruffian Heng is as follows:

In the above software environment, there is no clear dependency between j-link software driver, ozone version and SDK package version. The j-link software driver is not necessarily limited to V6 86F, just super download algorithm v1 0 is tested in detail under this version, and other j-link versions may also be suitable. Further testing is required.

3、 Use steps under segger ozone

3.1 enter the super download algorithm package into the j-link driver

In fact, the first step has nothing to do with ozone. Because it is a super download algorithm based on j-link, you should first make an update package for the j-link software driver. For details, please refer toSuper download algorithm rt-ufl v1.0 release, with installation tutorial under j-linkA penny.

  • Note: ruffian Heng installed the j-link software driver in C: \ tools_ mcu\SEGGER\JLink_ V686f。

Download the algorithm specified by

Then we need to specify ozone to use the j-link driver including the super download algorithm in \ segger \ JLINK_ Under the v686f directory, there is a file named jlinkdllupdate Exe gadget. Double click this tool to see that it searches the list of ides installed in the current PC environment. There is ozone we are using. Check ozone to complete the designation of j-link driver.

3.3 prepare an SDK project executable / image file

Now we need an IDE project. Here we directly open the \ SDK_ 2.10.0_ EVKB-IMXRT1050\boards\evkbimxrt1050\demo_ apps\led_ Blinky project, pay attention to switching the project to flexspi_ Nor build, that is, the execution version of code XIP, compile link led_ The blinky project obtains the executable file or image file.

  • Note: check whether the flash startup header (evkbimxrt1050_flexspi_nor_config. C) in the IDE project matches the actual flash model on the board.

If the image files (. Hex,. SREC,. Bin) provided to ozone can only be debugged from assembly code, memory and register windows; If the executable files (. Elf,. AXF,. Out) are provided to ozone, the debugging experience is richer. You can view the source c code and variables. It is recommended to use the executable files to debug in ozone. Note that when generating executable files in IDE, you need to check generate debugging information. The settings are different under different ides:

IAR project optionsLinker / OutputCheck in settingsInclude debug information in output

Keil project optionsOutputCheck in settingsDebug Information

3.4 open ozone and select the appropriate super download algorithm

When you open ozone for the first time, the engineering wizard will pop up. You need to set the device. Here is to set the super download algorithm code (if it is not set in the engineering wizard, it can be changed at any time in the menu bar tools / j-link settings). What we need for this test is mimxrt1050_ UFL_ L1 algorithm. Select the download algorithm, and then select the executable file to enter the main interface of ozone.

  • Note: see C: \ tools for the specific code of super download algorithm_ mcu\SEGGER\JLink_ V686f\JLinkDevices. XML file, code suffix_ L0 is applicable to QSPI and octal flash, code suffix_ L1 / L2 is applicable to hyper flash.

3.5 ensure that the board is in flash startup mode and start downloading and debugging

Power up the board and ensure that the board is in NOR flash startup mode (boot mode and boot CFG should be set correctly). Then connect the j-link emulator to the board and click the ozone menu barStart Debug Session / Download & Reset ProgramJust download and debug.

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