Ruffian Heng embedded: Super download algorithm rt-ufl v1.0 release, with installation tutorial under j-link


“Academic” project led by ruffian HengRt-ufl – Design of a super download algorithm for full platform i.mxrtAfter 8 months, v1.0 was finally released, because it was the first official version. In order to ensure the quality, ruffian Heng did a lot of testing work, almost tested the official imxrt-evk board of NXP (some boards were also replaced with different models of flash), and confirmed that all boards passed the test, and rt-ufl met the release conditions.

The super download algorithm rt-ufl v1.0 is mainly aimed at the segger j-link debugger, which is also the original requirement of this project. Of course, in order to extend and support various DAP link debuggers, the project also has other branches, that is, Download algorithms closely related to the IDE. These branches will be improved in subsequent versions.

1、 Install under j-link

To use segger j-link debugger to download flash, you can’t do without j-link download algorithm. You can browse ruffian Heng’s old articles firstSerial nor flash download algorithm (j-link tool), there is a preliminary design for the j-link download algorithm. The super download algorithm v1.0 is actually a special implementation of the j-link download algorithm.

1.1 installing the j-link drive

The function of segger j-link debugger is inseparable from the j-link software driver of the upper computer. The hardware debugger in hand by ruffian Heng is genuine j-link plus v10.1, which can be used with different versions of j-link drivers (if a new version of software driver is installed, it may be recommended to update the MCU firmware in the hardware debugger for the first time).

We can download all historical versions of j-link drivers from segger’s official website. By default, we always download the latest version of drivers, but ruffian Heng can’t guarantee that the super download algorithm is always applicable to the latest version of software drivers, so we still recommend downloading and installingv6.86fVersion driven, this version is the measured version of ruffian Heng.

1.2 enter the super download algorithm patch package

After installing the j-link driver, the next step is to put the super download algorithm source file into the j-link driver in the form of patch. Patching is actually very simple, that is to put \ rt-ufl-1.0 \ algo \ segger \ JLINK_ Copy all files under vxxx path to \ segger \ JLINK_ V686f \ directory.

1.3 test with j-flash

After playing the super download algorithm patch, you can first test the function with the jflash host computer software in the j-link driver. Double click to open jflash.exe software, and enter in the “target device” option box of the new project“UFL”Select the corresponding i.mxrt chip model, where_L0The suffix algorithm is applicable to QSPI flash and octal flash (the page size is 256 bytes and the sector size is 4KB),_L1/2The suffix algorithm is applicable to hyper flash (the page size is 512 bytes and the sector size is 4KB / 64KB).

The board tested by PI Ziheng is mimxrt1062-evk, and the on-board flash is is25wp064a, which is a typical QSPI flash. Therefore, “mimxrt1060” is selected when building the j-flash project_ UFL_ L0 “, then select the app image file you want to download, and click Connect and production programming in the menu bar” target “to complete the test of super download algorithm.

  • Note: it is recommended to set the boot mode of i.mxrt to start from flash, and ensure that the existing app in flash can start normally (that is, the app does not fly).

1.4 assign j-link driver to IDE

In addition to mass production under j-flash, the super download algorithm will also be used under major ides to assist in flash download and debugging. Therefore, we need to assign the j-link v6.86f driver patched with the super download algorithm to each IDE (to replace the j-link driver built in each IDE), which is implemented with the help of jlinkdllupdate.exe software. Note that the mcuxpresso ide cannot be automatically recognized, and its designated j-link driving method is shown below.

2、 Used under each IDE

Each ide generally has a custom download algorithm. This download algorithm is often used with DAP link debugger. Of course, it can be used under j-link debugger (except MCU Xpress IDE). For the algorithm design of each IDE, see the old article of ruffian Heng:

Serial nor flash download algorithm (MCU Xpress IDE)

Serial nor flash download algorithm (IAR EWARM)

Serial nor flash download algorithm (keil MDK)

Now we have a super download algorithm based on j-link. Can this download algorithm be used directly under each ide? The answer is yes. Because the specific settings under each ide are different, ruffian Heng will write another article to introduce them one by one.

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