Ruffian Heng bimonthly No. 40


Ruffian Heng embedded semi monthly: issue 40

Here we share some interesting projects / tools and some hot news in the embedded field. The lunar year is divided into 24 solar terms. We hope to release one issue on time on each festival day.

This journal is an open source project (GitHub:JayHeng/pzh-mcu-bi-weekly), you are welcome to submit an issue, contribute or recommend what you know.

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This Thursday is the autumnal equinox. Tomorrow is the Mid Autumn Festival. Ruffian Heng wishes all readers a happy and happy family reunion.

This issue contains 2 information, 3 projects and 1 RT product. I hope it will help you!


1. 2021 global electronic achievement award has been opened

The world electronics achievement awards aims to select and commend enterprises and managers who have made outstanding contributions to promoting the innovation of the global electronics industry. The enterprises, managers and products nominated for various awards are industry leaders, which fully reflects their leading position and extraordinary performance in the industry.

The winners of the award were jointly selected by the jury composed of aspencore’s global senior industry analysts and website user groups from Asia, the United States and Europe. The online voting was opened in September and will last until October.

Voting home page:

There are 11 categories of product awards. You can go and have a look when you are free. You can learn which companies in the electronics industry have launched which products through this selection. stayAnnual microcontroller / interfaceNext, I hope you can vote for the NXP i.mxrt1170 series that ruffian Heng has been supporting.

2. Wuling MCU chip debut

At the brand press conference of SAIC GM Wuling “China Wuling, global new energy popularizer” held on September 15, Wuling chip made its first public appearance. Wuling chip did not make all its own research, but chose to cooperate with supply chain manufacturers.

At present, the domestic chip partner of Wuling chip should be Xinwang micro. This Wuling chip adopts kungfu32 kernel architecture independently developed by chipon to process kf32a15x series. According to the official introduction of Xinwang micro, the processor adopts 3-stage pipeline and 16 bit / 32-bit mixed instruction set. The maximum dominant frequency of kf32a15x is 120mhz and flash reaches 512KB. Meanwhile, chipon has also independently developed development tools, including integrated development environment, C compiler and emulator. In a real sense, it realizes the full autonomy from chip to tool chain.

Project class

1. Pico debug – Virtual debugger for rp2040 raspberry PI Pico board

The rp2040 used by raspberry PI Pico is actually a dual core Cortex-M0 +. Generally, we only use one core, while the other core is in a dormant state of doing nothing. On the Internet, a great God majbthrd is thinking of using one of the Cortex-M0 + as a debugger, which is Pico debug.

Project home page:

Pico debug has the following features:

1. It doesn't need additional hardware: a USB cable plus the pico you already have;

2. Cbuf – extremely elegant macro implementation ring buffer

Circular buffer is a key component of embedded software engineers in the daily development process. The cbuf module recommended today uses macros to implement circular buffers. Although many people don’t like using macros in this way, cbuf implementation has been proved to be fast, efficient and work relatively well.

Project home page:

3. Zoolark – a multifunctional pocket instrument

KickStarter, the world’s most famous crowdfunding website, recently launched a multifunctional pocket instrument called zoolark (translated as Merlin finch). The main positioning is to enable each student learning electronic circuits and engineers debugging circuits to conveniently observe signals and debug circuits at any time and anywhere.

Project home page:

The performance indicators are summarized as follows:

1. The output of signal generator - triangular wave, square wave and sine wave can be adjusted from 0.1Hz to 1MHz, and the amplitude is 8vpp adjustable

i. Mxrt

1. Krieg Green Mountain – Keurig pop coffee machine

Keurig company is a manufacturer of capsule coffee and coffee machine in the United States. It provides domestic and commercial coffee machines. Its main product is K-Cup (k cup).

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