Ruffian Heng bimonthly issue 39


Ruffian Heng embedded semi monthly: issue 39

Here we share some interesting projects / tools and some hot news in the embedded field. The lunar year is divided into 24 solar terms. We hope to release one issue on time on each festival day.

This journal is an open source project (GitHub:JayHeng/pzh-mcu-bi-weekly), you are welcome to submit an issue, contribute or recommend what you know.

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The day after tomorrow is Bailu, today in history: on September 5, 1983, the Luanhe River Diversion Project, China’s largest urban water diversion project, officially opened water.

This issue contains 1 information, 4 items and 1 tool. I hope it will help you!


1. The “global MCU ecological development conference” hosted by well-known media aspencore ended

On August 26, the global MCU ecological development conference hosted by aspencore was successfully concluded in Shenzhen. With the theme of “grasping the” core “infrastructure and drawing MCU ecology together”, the conference brought together many technology and application experts in the field of microcontrollers to discuss the latest processor technology, edge AI, emerging applications, ecological development and other hot topics.

Speech agenda:

The conference was attended by a number of MCU manufacturers in China, including Zhaoyi innovation, Jihai semiconductor, national technology, Huada semiconductor, smart microelectronics, qinheng microelectronics, yateli, etc. all major manufacturers introduced their product development routes respectively. Among them, the gd32h series 800MHz main frequency products that Zhaoyi innovation will launch are the most impressive.

Project class

1. EVM – a universal, streamlined, ultra lightweight IOT virtual machine

EVM, the full name of embedded virtual machine, is essentially a general and simplified embedded virtual machine. It is composed of syntax parsing front-end framework and bytecode running back-end. It can run on single chip microcomputer with limited resources.

Project home page:

EVM advantages and features:

1. Pure C development, zero dependency, cross platform and built-in repl;

2. Blinker Library – a set of cross hardware and cross platform Internet of things solutions

Blinker is a cross hardware and cross platform Internet of things solution, which provides app side, device side and server-side support, and uses public cloud services for data transmission and storage. It can be used in smart home, data monitoring and other fields to help users build Internet of things projects better and faster. Blinker currently supports Arduino, esp8266 and esp32 platforms.

Project home page:

3. Little – a relational database designed for embedded devices and sensor nodes

Little is a relational database designed for embedded devices and sensor nodes. It provides an SQL front end to manage the data of the relational model.

Project home page:

Little is specially designed for Arduino mega2560 devices. Little supports table creation, data insertion and select-from-where syntax. Little also supports error messages, but not mandatory. A simple configuration header file can specify the characteristics of compilation, so you can control the database code script according to the needs of the application.

4. Iondb – key value database for resource constrained systems

Iondb is designed to provide Arduino and IOT with out of the box, disk based fast storage function, and key value storage function for restricted systems. The speed is very fast, which can fully improve the performance of Arduino.

Project home page:

In general, iondb supports:

1. Store any value of a key

Tool class

1. Usb-hid-test – lightweight USB debugging tool

Usb-hid-test is a USB debugging tool developed by Jakey with Python 2.7, Tkinter and pywinusb (pyusb Linux) modules.

Tools Home Page:

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