Ruff chain biweekly April 26 May 10


Ruff chain biweekly April 26 May 10
In the past two weeks, ruffchain’s main work has focused on the preparation of the public beta version of the main network. At present, the test network is still in the code audit, and it is expected to complete all code security audits in mid May. After that, ruffchain team will conduct a comprehensive review of the audit results, including code bug repair, code quality optimization, etc. The following is the complete Bi weekly report of this period:

Ruff chain biweekly April 26 May 10

Ruffchain determines the public beta version of the main network:

– main chain

-Demo of IOT blockchain

-Main blockchain browser

-Main net Wallet

Demo design of Internet of things blockchain

-The project of “Internet of things + blockchain demo” is to realize the real right contract in the field of shared rental housing. It realizes the management of housing information, order information, transaction settlement information, comment information, etc. on the chain. After the customer orders, it uses the real right contract when opening the door to realize the automatic transaction settlement on the chain and remote control of opening the door.

Ruff chain biweekly April 26 May 10

Ruff smart site project officially launched

-Ruff’s intelligent construction site solution is to use the Internet of things information technology to realize the visual management of the construction site, including the environmental monitoring management system (dust monitoring, washing table capture), video networking system, real name attendance system, vehicle management system and helmet wearing management system.

Ruff chain biweekly April 26 May 10

-The first batch of projects were officially launched at various construction sites in Nanjing, focusing on the monitoring of the site washing platform, to ensure that the vehicles are washed within the specified time after the completion of the washing platform. For vehicles that do not meet the requirements, automatic capture and video storage are realized, and the vehicles that do not meet the requirements are monitored using the artificial intelligence analysis engine in the cloud.

Ruff chain biweekly April 26 May 10

Ruff officially becomes the first batch of selected enterprises in Microsoft Internet of things Artificial Intelligence Laboratory

Ruff chain biweekly April 26 May 10
-In January 2019, the largest artificial intelligence and Internet of things laboratory in the world was signed in Zhangjiang, Shanghai. The establishment of the laboratory will promote the strategic partnership between Microsoft and Zhangjiang and the digital transformation of East China and even the whole Chinese economy. At the same time, Microsoft will invest more resources in the research and practice of the Internet of things, and carry out the deep integration of artificial intelligence and the transformation of the Internet of things and enterprises in multiple industries.

-According to the promotion and evaluation, ruff has become the first batch of technology enterprises selected for the laboratory. In the future, he will work with Microsoft in the Internet of things and artificial intelligence to promote the implementation of relevant product businesses.

Ruff chain biweekly April 26 May 10

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