Ruff chain biweekly April 13-26


Ruff chain biweekly April 13-26

In the past two weeks, ruffchain’s main work has focused on the code audit of the test network. In order to be able to go online more smoothly, ruffchain will conduct a careful and rigorous security audit on all codes of the test network. After the audit, ruffchain will carry out a unified repair and optimization to ensure the safety and stability of the online main network in the future. The following is the complete Bi weekly report of this period:
Ruff chain biweekly April 13-26
Audit scope of ruffchain testnet version:

-Node of ruffchain public chain

-VM of ruffchain public chain (ruff VM)

-CLI of ruffchin public chain

Ruff chain biweekly April 13-26

Ruff faceid module and terminal products will be delivered to customers for testing

The face recognition series products developed by ruff have completed the standardized functions and scene use specifications of the products, and will be installed in the equipment of access control and door lock manufacturers for testing in the future.

Ruff chain biweekly April 13-26

Ruff face recognition module

Ruff FaceID RAF-M1

Ruff faceid raf-m1 module is a face recognition module product based on Internet of things + machine learning technology, which can realize fast, accurate and safe face recognition authentication. The module has a general serial port communication interface, which can easily realize the depth function customization.

Ruff chain biweekly April 13-26

Ruff face recognition intelligent access terminal

Ruff FaceID RAF-G1

Raf-g1 series products of ruff faceid intelligent access control terminal are intelligent terminals for face recognition developed based on ruff faceid module. The terminal uses the neural network computing ability of AI chip to dynamically recognize the face, realize the safety certification of the entrance and exit personnel, and effectively manage the access of personnel.

Ruff chain biweekly April 13-26

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