Ruby rails framework installation detailed graphic tutorial (with ruby download)


RailsIs a web application development framework written in Ruby language, based on MVC design pattern. Rails combines the advantages of PHP running speed and Java program regularity. At the same time, it contains two guiding principles: don’t repeat yourself (dry) and more conventions and less configuration. Rails aims to simplify the development of web applications by solving common problems in rapid development. Compared with other programming languages and frameworks, using rails can achieve more functions with less code. Experienced rails programmers often say that rails makes web application development more interesting. Here’s how to install rails framework for your reference!

Ruby rails framework installation detailed graphic tutorial (with ruby download)

ruby for windows v2. 3.3 installation package (64 bit)

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  • Time:2017-03-23

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Graphic tutorial for rails 5.0 installation

1. Unzip the compressed package. If your computer is 64 bit, double-click to run the file in the unzipped file“rubyinstaller-2.3.3-x64.exe”, run if you are 32-bit“rubyinstaller-2.3.3.exe“. the following installation interface will appear.

2. Select the installation interface and check the following three options at the same time.

1、 If you need to use ruby to develop programs with interfaces, check “install TD / TK support”;

2、 Add environment variables so that Ruby commands can be executed in any directory in the command line window;

3、 Add an extension association when you double-click the extension RB and RBW files are opened using Ruby interpreter by default;

3. After installation, open CMD and enter “Ruby – V” (without quotation marks), the ruby version will appear, as shown in the following figure.

4. Next, run the in the downloaded unzipped file“DevKit-mingw64-64-4.7.2-20130224-1432-sfx.exe”, install devkit. Xiaobian installs it in the “D: \ pc_soft_package \ devkit” file. Then, enter the devkit installation directory in CMD and execute Ruby DK RB init command. Finally, modify config YML file (the file is located in the devkit installation directory), change C: \ ruby22-x64 in the file to your ruby installation directory, as shown in Figure 2 below.

5. Next, in the installation directory of devkit, enter “Ruby dk.rb install”, as shown in the following figure.

6. Then enter “gem install rails” in CMD to start installing rails. This process takes about 30 minutes. The specific time is related to the machine configuration. Please wait patiently, as shown in the figure below.

7. Then enter “rails – V” to see the version, as shown in the figure below. The version of Xiaobian is 5.0.2.

8. Next, install SQLite3 and enter “gem install SQLite3 ruby” in CMD.

9. So far, the installation of rails 5.0 has been completed.