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Alibaba, as one of the companies very close to big data, has rarely talked about big data in recent years. In fact, Alibaba grew naturally in the data black hole from the beginning, and was coerced by more and more dense data storms. From demand → design → iteration → sublimation to theory, Alibaba’s understanding of big data has gradually taken shape in countless iterations and evolution, and can gradually pull back a game in the struggle to make the data black hole work for me~

Many small partners want to know about Alibaba’s internal data technology, so this book, the road to big data: Alibaba’s big data practice, can’t be missed.

Information introduction

The road to big data: Alibaba’s big data practice, organized and written by Alibaba data technology and products department, is an important cornerstone for Alibaba to share its understanding of big data and create data intelligence with ecological partners. The Alibaba big data system architecture mentioned in the book is designed to meet the changing business needs and realize the high scalability, flexibility and high performance of the system. I believe it will be a great inspiration and reference for peers.

Road to big data: Alibaba's big data practice.pdf

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Road to big data: Alibaba's big data practice.pdf