Right click the icon of computer mouse to flash back to the desktop. How to restart it?


The win10 system was newly installed last month, and then PS was installed. I want to add a shortcut icon on the desktop and find the installation path of the PS program. After right clicking, the interface has no reaction and is stuck. After a few seconds, the whole desktop restarts, and the open folder is gone, but other programs will still be in. I thought it was a PS problem, but it was the same after the system was reinstalled. After a while, I found that all the. Exe files were right-click to view their properties. After a month (I am Xiaobai, I saw an event viewer and found that there was a frequent error, so all kinds of experiments failed to achieve the goal) finally found the problem. What should be the conflict between NVIDIA and Because of… Write out the process to share with me the same problem children’s shoes, write for the first time, please criticize and correct, thank you!

1. Right click the desktop mouse and click NVIDIA control panel (or pressWindows + s, enter NVIDIA at the bottom, then click NVIDIA control panel)

2. After entering NVIDIA control panel, click Desktop Menu

3. Put the[Add run with processor to context menu ]Remove the √ from the front

4. OK, and then try to find a file at random… As shown in the picture, the problem is solved perfectly

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