Reversal and Opportunity


Translate Li Lin, proofread Du Jiangnan
Original: Inversion & Opportunity Volumne 1, Monday, Febuary 25, 2019

This is a fleeting change. This may be the biggest change you can experience in your life.

It’s like 1995, just a year after Amazon was founded, when everyone ran around, holding up the flag of the block chain and wildly copying the set, while Bitcoin was just a cold shoulder.

The characteristics of Bitcoin can not be replicated, it is anti-censorship, it continues to grow with the increase of storage value, and it is an unstoppable money network.

Bitcoin’s long-term future is not to be a speculative asset, but a value transmission network.

We rely on the Internet to achieve free information exchange. If you can frame your business on the Bitcoin network, you will get all the conveniences that Bitcoin brings you: decentralization, immutability, secure wealth network, while avoiding the shortcomings of the existing wealth network: slow (longer cycle, fragile).

These things I’m talking about will happen at many levels, and business opportunities will also exist at these levels. Don’t try to create and distribute a better Bitcoin.

It takes some time to do this, because few people understand the field, and people are driven by greed to pay for meaningless concepts such as the next Bitcoin or the next barrel of gold.

Good luck to them. Good luck with the information superhighway, which nobody uses and has to pay for.

We are building a living autonomous network, starting from zero, but now we have securely stored more than $100 billion.

The Lindy effect will continue to work, and his self-reinforcing ability will continue to strengthen itself. The more assets you store, the more witnesses you will invest in the real world to maintain and validate your books, which will make Bitcoin more robust, more decentralized, safer and more permanent.

I can’t imagine why anybody wants to compete with Bitcoin. Only fools, speculators, and plagiarists waste time reinventing wheels, while smart people build cars on wheels.

This is the repetition of all the Internet stories.

When AOL plans to reshape the Internet in their eyes, Google and Hotmail have realized that the Internet is reliable enough and that products based on the Internet can make the Internet more useful. In the process, the world has changed.

Now, we have a money network, which has all the elements to support us in creating a secure, modern digital wealth network.

Smart and visionary people recognize this and are working hard.

Fools, speculators and people who pay for wrong concepts can get some money for the time being, but it will eventually turn to dust.

The future must be based on bitcoins and lightning networks.

Those who stick to block chains and distributed books are just futile in building faster carriages.

Bitcoin is a car.

Although at first only the cheater used the car because it was slow and extremely difficult to use on the road designed for the road, it eventually promoted the transformation of society and the new mode of transportation designed around him.

This kind of similarity, analogy and analogy I can say that a day is no different, you should know what I mean.