Resource address, interface data forwarding / tampering scheme recommendation


the front

Program = data + function
It is important to have control over the data

Ideal [interface modification tool] function

  • [interface forwarding]

    • Forward to local file
    • Forward to remote URL
    • Support regular matching
  • [edit return value]

    • Tamper and edit directly in the software
  • [logic processing]

    • The returned value can be parsed, processed through code logic, and then output (for example, general rules only modify specific values in the returned value and add / delete a property)

1、 Ajax interceptor

Download address:…

Function list

  • [data replacement] replace the path matching data to the specified object
  • [own switch] the data is saved in the plug-in, and the single open interface can be switched freely

2、 Chrome plug-in: xswitch

Chrome plug-ins, similar plug-ins and Reres

Function list

  • [URL forwarding]
  • Regular rule matching

Official tutorial:…

Other recommendations

Common packet capture tools also support the above main functions (interface forwarding)

  • mac: Charles
  • window:Fiddler

Advantages: powerful
Disadvantages: it is troublesome and heavy to install the client settings