Requirements analysis specification for venue rental applet (third draft)


Requirements analysis specification of venue rental applet


Job objectives

Complete requirements report (group work)

entry name

Zhejiang Learning Market

Member information

Zhao Yuyang 1902 31901062

Cai Hailong calculation 1902 31901039

Zhang Zefeng 1902 , 31901061

Ye Zhongxin 1902 31901057

Course class

Tuesday morning shift

Group number

Group 12

First draft

Requirements analysis specification for venue rental applet – Zhao Yuyang – blog Park (cnblogs. Com)

Second draft

Requirements analysis specification for venue rental applet (second draft) – Zhao Yuyang – blog Park (cnblogs. Com)

Three drafts




IPurpose of preparation

This manual is the demand analysis manual of venue rental applet. The specification analyzes the requirements of the app, which is composed of development tools, member division of labor, function analysis, use case diagram, class diagram, sequence diagram, data flow diagram, prototype preliminary design and other parts, defines the functions of the app and lays a foundation for subsequent development.

2、 Development background

  At present, students do not have a clear way to rent venues on campus. They use aicheng hospital to rent venues. There are few kinds of venues that can be rented, and the duration is accompanied by the network collapse of aicheng hospital. In order to allow students in the school to rent school venues freely (such as classrooms, study rooms, sports venues, etc.) and gather people with the same interests to exercise and study together, we have developed the small program of “Zhejiang School looking for a field” for this purpose.

3、 Development tools

Front end design tool

Ink knife

Backend database


development environment

Wechat applet, JavaScript



4、 Division of labor among members

full name

Division content

Zhao Yuyang

Requirements discussion, sequence diagram, class diagram, data flow diagram

Cai Hailong

Requirements discussion, use case diagram, class diagram, sequence diagram

Zhang Zefeng

Requirements discussion, prototype diagram (ongoing)

Ye Zhongxin

Requirements discussion, prototype diagram (ongoing)

5、 Functional analysis

(1) Users use this applet for free.

(2) After the user logs in through registration, the system requires the user to fill in complete personal data (including name, class, student number, contact information, etc.)

(3) Users can realize the following contents through this applet:

① Use and lease of on campus venues

② Release the saving bureau to find groups with the same hobbies for site activities

③ Post on the forum and participate in the discussion

6、 Figure


Lease sequence diagram

Use case diagram








Class diagram




7、 Preliminary design of partial prototype


(1) “Home page” — venue rental module (II) “store” — user store module (III) “my” module








8、 Applet interface phase II expansion

(1) Venue Rental page

On this page, we list all kinds of sports venues in the school, and provide two interactive methods – click Select and search. Users can select the venues to be reserved on this page.



(2) Site list

After selecting the type on the site Rental page, the user will jump to the site Rental page. In this page, the sites that have not been reserved and are free are listed. The user can filter the time period or select other types of sites as needed




(3) Venue reservation page

After selecting the venue, jump to this page, where the user can view the specific situation of the venue and confirm the appointment (Note: all venues must be reserved 1 hour in advance)





(4) Save page

In the current page, all saving information is listed. Users can choose to view the details and enter the jump page. Or click initiate saving bureau to start a new saving bureau, or you can enter my saving bureau to view the current saving bureau in progress.



(5) View saving details

The details of the savings office are displayed on this page. Users can choose to join or exit the savings office, and the director can choose to dissolve the savings office.





(6) Initiate save page

On the start saving page, users can select the type, number of people saving and whether to rent the activity venue in advance

(7) My save page

After initiating a savings office or joining a savings office, users can view it in my savings office interface and view the details





(8) My interface

On this page, users can view the reservation site information



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