Required reading – latest version of cybervein technical analysis


Required reading - latest version of cybervein technical analysis
Required reading - latest version of cybervein technical analysis

In view of the recent surge in cybervein users and attention, more and more people want to know about the project, cybervein hereby releases the latest version of technology + product overview, so that you can have an in-depth understanding of cybervein’s body logic according to this article. We also highly recommend users to pay attention to cybervein’s major self media numbers around the world and master the latest developments of the project in real time. If you still don’t understand the project, you can add the wechat of little sister CV, the official operation number of cybervein in China, for consultation. At the same time, you are also welcome to join the cybervein community to communicate and learn from many CVT fans.

At the same time, in early 2021, cybervein also opened a column in the CSDN developer community to expand the developer community. Within one month, it ranked first in blockchain field for four times, first in big data field for one time, first in new technology writers for two times, and first and sixth in artificial intelligence field for one time. With the popularity of Dave and cross concepts, cybervein has risen from the ranking of 400000 + in the whole network week to 10000 only four weeks after CSDN was launched. To be sure, with the continuous preaching of technology, cybervein is not only famous in CSDN, but also in more technology circles.

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CyberVein:Build Your City
Required reading - latest version of cybervein technical analysis

Cybervein is very optimistic about the application potential and Prospect of blockchain, artificial intelligence, big data, Internet of things and other technologies in the field of smart city. After more than three years of research and development, we have successfully implemented solutions in the fields of smart finance, smart health care, smart transportation and smart security, and developed original blockchain bottom public chain and high-quality DAPP products.

Before cybervein’s overall technology and product overview, in order to help readers understand, it is necessary to briefly introduce Dave, Dave alliance, cross and CVT:


It is mainly composed of pisr database, DAG distributed storage, cytrix distributed computing platform, AI federated learning and decentralized NFT distribution and auction platform cross. Dave can conduct big data processing analysis and quantitative valuation. It has the characteristics of safety, wisdom and value. It hedges various financial risks through cross and realizes data capitalization.

2、DAVE Alliance

Dave alliance is not only a technology alliance, an industrial alliance, but also an ecological alliance. It is composed of four service providers: database, distributed storage, distributed computing integration and federal learning. After joining Dave alliance, any traditional and non-traditional institutions will inject fuel into Dave in their areas of expertise, such as storage, algorithms, computing power, hardware or metadata, so as to promote the implementation of global smart city construction.


Initiated by cybervein foundation, cross is the world’s first decentralized NFT issuance & auction platform and the most abundant issuance and trading platform of NFT. At present, the main types of NFT include digital financial derivatives, training models, digital certificates and encrypted works of art. At present, NFT projects on the market are to C business, and cross also extends to B business, which is the first in the industry.


Cybervein’s special cryptocurrency CVT not only bears the functions of big data transaction costs, exchanging credit points and incentives, but also serves as a medium for issuing and trading NFT on cross to realize data capitalization. When there are more data in cybervein ecology, there will be more contributions, and more CVTs need to be pledged. CVTs are used more and more frequently, have stronger ecological liquidity, and their own price and value have become immeasurable.

1、 Technical architecture

Data layer: public chain and alliance chain

Core layer: the solution of public chain includes CVVM virtual machine, PDP storage integrity proof, zero knowledge proof, transaction pool, block out selection mechanism and secret algorithm module; Alliance chain solutions: contribution value algorithm, CVT pledge pool, data encryption module, abci interface module, zero knowledge proof and cross chain module

Network layer: P2P network, HTTP service gin, json-rpc, grpc

Consensus layer: the public chain adopts POC contribution value proof mechanism, and the alliance chain adopts pbft Byzantine fault-tolerant algorithm

Incentive layer: the public chain is mainly block packaged transactions, and the gas and alliance chain are mainly based on the data contribution value

Tool layer: Data Oracle, smart contract, IPFs service, blockchain browser

Application layer: decentralized NFT platform cross, cytrix distributed computing platform, cybervein wallet and other dapps

2、 Technology + product description

1. Data layer: public chain + alliance chain
Cybervein smart city ecology will be composed of a public chain based on POC consensus and countless alliance chains based on pbft consensus. Every alliance chain based on pisr database is a node participating in POC consensus. Every alliance chain based on pisr database is a node participating in POC consensus. Alliance members in Dave alliance are also composed of node alliance chains on the public chain. However, members of Dave alliance must be nodes on the public chain, and nodes on the public chain may not be members of Dave alliance.
Required reading - latest version of cybervein technical analysis
Figure 1: relationship between public chain and alliance chain

About Alliance chain
The alliance members in Dave alliance are also composed of node alliance chains on the public chain. To access the database, the alliance nodes need to vote and confirm, and ensure that the database operation is chained to ensure that the database operation is visible to other members in the alliance. In the alliance chain, pbft practical Byzantine fault-tolerant mechanism is used for consensus, and cybervein’s pisr database is used for data storage.

About common chain
Transactions in the public chain are more about asset transfer and contribution proof between public chain nodes. In order to gain block rights in the public chain, zero knowledge proof is used to verify the effectiveness of encrypted data and other contribution proof, which can not only fully prove that they are the legal owner of certain rights and interests, but also do not disclose relevant information, so as to maintain the stability of the whole ecology.

About cross chain
Data trustworthiness is an important part of the implementation of blockchain technology. Cybervein can intelligentize and format data on the chain from the traditional Internet end, so as to make data interact more efficiently and generate value, which is the key to digital asset. After the value is brought into play, these data will return to the ecology of the data itself to form a complete closed loop. The more enterprises and individuals contribute data, the more data they can apply and process, and the more demand they will have. Among them, data interaction needs more direct cross chain experience, and public chain and alliance chain also need cross chain technology.

Cybervein cooperates with chainlink cross chain team to build a bridge between offline data and on chain communication by using cross chain technology in data interaction, so as to solve the problem of data island in smart city and interconnect smart city and smart city. Dave alliance members can connect to any API, whether blockchain, enterprise system, web API or Internet of things devices. They can trade and record asset ownership without any on-chain transactions. This method is very effective for database expansion and reducing on-chain transaction costs.
Required reading - latest version of cybervein technical analysis
Figure 2 shows the alliance chain composed of three nodes a, B and C

2. Consensus layer: POC + pbft
POC (proof of contribution) means proof of contribution value. It stipulates that when each contributor has the same hash computing power, the bookkeeping rights and interests are determined by the proportion of contribution holdings. The more resources contribute to the ecology, the more opportunities to obtain more block manufacturing rights. Because there is no mining in the public chain, the handling fees generated by all transactions in the block will become an incentive for the out of block nodes.

Pisr database carries all data encryption, storage, query, exchange and use. The calculation of data contribution value needs real-time feedback. Therefore, pbft (Practical Byzantine fault tolerance) mechanism is selected to achieve consensus for such highly concurrent and real-time transactions. At the same time, the essence of the alliance is that the member nodes have a certain trust with each other, so the Byzantine fault-tolerant mechanism is also very suitable for the scenario.

Data contribution value
All joined members need to access the pisr database, and access to the database requires the voting confirmation of other alliance nodes, and ensure that the database operation is linked to ensure that other members can see the database operation, so as to create more data value by calling and evaluating the data and database.

Pisr database will also calculate the user’s data contribution value according to the volume of data and the running times of encryption algorithm. Here, the contribution value of data is equal to the user’s estimation of its data value, because in the operation process of encryption algorithm, users will consume a lot of irreversible resources. The resource consumption that users are willing to bear for data reflects the importance and value of data from the side. The expansion of alliance chain means that more and more nodes recognize the value of data, and the contribution of data to ecology will continue to increase.

In order to prevent evil behavior, cybervein introduced pledge + contribution value into the POC consensus mechanism to determine the block right. In this mechanism, not only the contribution value of the data, but also the CVT pledge will become an important factor affecting the block weight.

CVT pledge amount
When nodes need to compete for blocks through pledge, nodes will be more inclined to jointly maintain CVT value, so as to reduce evil motivation. In this process, their cumulative contribution value will be calculated according to the CVT pledge amount and data contribution value of ABC alliance, so as to determine who has the block right.

The introduction of pledge CVT in the consensus mechanism is a robust business model to promote the development of decentralized ecology. It does not require users to configure expensive hardware. It can promote the common growth of CVT value and ecology and accelerate the completion of the closed-loop of project ecology only through the amount and duration of mortgage. Pledging CVT also helps to ensure network security and the rights of ecological participants, further improve the stickiness of CVT and community users, and make a virtuous circle of CVT ecology.
Required reading - latest version of cybervein technical analysis
Figure 3: ABC alliance will also compete with X alliance, y alliance, Z alliance and other alliances for block rights.

3. Application layer: Dave + cross
The barriers of various departments in the city are very high. Some barriers are due to the consideration of data security, which makes data fusion face obstacles. Dave enables data collection and fusion – pisr database realizes data manageability, DAG storage chain realizes data storage, AI Federation learning realizes data feasibility research, and cytrix distributed computing power realizes data feasibility research, forming a flexible data sharing standard, In addition to making data available and invisible, it can also make data available only once, so as to balance data security and data interaction. If data holders and producers want to carry out global big data business, they can realize data value through cross.

Required reading - latest version of cybervein technical analysis

Figure 4: flow from pisr data to cross platform

Cybervein has solved the problem of data credibility by using Dave and cross, and has been tested and successfully operated in terminal B, including the central exhibition hall of the World Expo of Dubai government, Run Run Run Shaw Hospital of Zhejiang University, agricultural alliance chain of Zhoukou port government, Jiangsu naisijie security system, etc., which have been pilot operated in more than 30 cities, It is expected that there will be a wider landing in the second half of 2021.

Landing case I

Take the security database alliance chain jointly developed by cybervein and Jiangsu naisijie as an example. The security pisr database alliance decision is generated by the vote of Dave alliance. If you want to read the data of pisr database, you need to obtain the vote of more than two-thirds of the members, and the members can access all metadata in the alliance without disclosing the data. In this area, it can effectively prevent members from doing evil, which is the first step to ensure the credibility of data.

POC is fully used in the pisr database, and each data encryption action will be recorded as one of the standards of data contribution. After Dave alliance members install the pisr database, if members want to obtain data, they can submit a request to the cybervein main network in the form of “transaction”, inform all alliances and pay at the same time“ α” CVT of equal value completes the transaction. α The value depends on the interval between this application and the last application. In addition, the AI training model, metadata, big data sets and other resources in the alliance are uploaded to the pisr database by the big data provider, and the evaluation of resource quality is verified. These data are backed up on the DAG storage chain, and the PDP mechanism is used to verify the data integrity.

Metadata can be freely used in the security database alliance. A security enterprise can link the research data to cross through a Oracle, issue NFT, and use federated learning to train the machine learning model through cytrix distributed computing power. All operations are completed in the form of “transaction”. Each data encryption action will be recorded as data contribution and accumulated as D points. However, D integral alone is not enough. The contribution value of the alliance chain must also be determined by linkage with the CVT pledge value. The CVT pledge value will be determined by the CVT pledge quantity jointly pledged by the alliance chain and accumulated into C integral. The alliance plays the role of “Administrator” and actively participates in the process of packaging and uploading the transaction information in the “trading pool” to the main network. The successfully packaged subject will successfully create a new block and get σ For the reward of numerical CVT, the success probability depends on the C product score + D score.

Landing case II

In the case of data financial derivatives, cybervein relied on an insurance third party as a sales intermediary to help AIA in Hong Kong obtain a large number of compliance and legal data sources by using Dave, launch a more reasonable insurance model by using distributed computing platform and AI federal learning technology, import cross platform in the form of NFT, and launch cat catastrophe insurance bond NFT, Formed the first NFT insurance policy in the industry.

Any enterprise that is willing and needs to realize the realization of data value can use cross to turn data assets into indexes, funds, trusts, guarantees, options, financing and other financial derivatives to be purchased and invested. NFT insurance policy is only a form of data assets, and more derivatives can be traded in cross in the future.

Required reading - latest version of cybervein technical analysis

Figure 5: NFT insurance policy of AIA Hong Kong

Thanks to the rich data resources of Dave and Dave alliance, it provides transaction behavior, data information and other materials. Any information required by buyers and sellers on cross can be easily mastered. The data processed by cybervein will be traded in two forms: the transaction of traditional data can be completed directly on Dave; As a tool for processing big data in cybervein smart city ecosystem, cross can further conduct data transactions and make the value of digital assets diversified and long-term development.

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