[required for entry] collection of common problem solving and diagnosis skills of tcallusdb database – database use class-2


With the rapid development of information technology, enterprises increasingly rely on information management. Although various new technologies emerge one after another, the business data of most enterprises are still mainly stored in the database. The database is the cornerstone of the application system. The database stores a large amount of data information. The stability, performance and scalability of the database play a vital role in the operation of the business. As Tencent’s self-developed distributed NoSQL database, tcallusdb is committed to helping customers solve data storage problems and escort business.

The following are common getting started questions for tcallusdb (database use class – 2)

Does tcallusdb support some field updates? Can I just get some fields?

Tcallusdb supports some field updates. It is recommended to explicitly call the interface when updating records and obtaining recordsSetFieldNames(IN const char* field_name[], IN const unsigned field_count)Determine the fields of this read-write operation to reduce the network traffic overhead caused by invalid fields.

Is tcallusdb order preserving for continuous operations on a single primary key?

For the same Gameserver, the operations of the same primary key maintain order, and the operations of different primary keys do not maintain order. For different gameservers, order is not preserved.

Does tcallusdb support table definition changes?

Tcallusdb supports table definition change. If you simply add common fields and modify macros, please use table change operation; In other scenarios, the table structure needs to be dynamically modified, that is, the table definition change is realized by data migration + log pipelining. PleaseSubmit work orderSelect “other Tencent cloud products” to apply.

How to judge whether response subcontracting has ended?

For traversal, please judge whether the traversal ends according to state, that is, interface getstate. For other subcontracting scenarios, please judge according to the functionHaveMoreResPkgsJudge whether the subcontracting is completed.

What is the difference between getrecordcount and getrecordmatchcount?

A request may have n response packets. If there are multiple packets, getrecordcount refers to the number of records in the response packet, and getrecordmatchcount refers to the data records on the tcapsvr (storage layer) (the total number of records for a single key).

Does tcallusdb have transparent fields?

The CS protocol of tcallusdb is divided into head and body. Userbuff (up to 1KB), asyncid and sequence in head are transparent fields. Please use them according to your actual needs.

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