[remote] secret ape technology recruitment senior Networking Engineer



The mission of secret ape technology is to create trust with technology and build new infrastructure and services for the future digital world. Founded in 2016, secret ape technology is a blockchain pioneer focusing on research, engineering and design. It has profound accumulation and good industry reputation in the blockchain field.
Xie Hanjian
Founder and CEO of secret ape technology, nervos network architect, former member of Ethereum core research team, former enterprise level high-performance blockchain CITA architect, and initiator of Ethereum and blockchain technology community ethfans in China.
Zhang Ren
Dean of the secret ape Institute. He graduated from the cosic research group of the University of Leuven, Belgium, the birthplace of AES encryption standard, and studied with Professor Bart prenel, a fellow of the international society for cryptography. Blockstream, the most influential company in the blockchain field, works with bitcoin core developers Pieter wuillie and Gregory Maxwell. His research interests are blockchain consensus protocol, P2P network security and privacy protection. Zhang Ren is a member of the blockchain direction program committee of NDSS’21 (network and distributed system security conference) and the program committee of FC’21 (Financial Cryptography and data security conference).
We always pursue the spirit of openness and open source, firmly believe that transparency is the foundation of trust, open source is the cornerstone of blockchain, and all project codes are open source in GitHub. We have established long-term cooperative relations and good communication channels with many research institutions and teams at home and abroad, and unconditionally share research results with partners.

  • Our website: https://www.cryptape.com
  • Our open positions: https://www.cryptape.com/join
  • Our code: https://www.cryptape.com/code
  • Our email: [email protected]

Team benefits

  • Telecommuting: no matter where you are, we can work together!
  • Flexible work: whether you are a good child who goes to bed early and gets up early or a night owl who is not afraid of dark circles, we can work together!
  • Commercial insurance: in addition to five insurances and one fund, you can buy additional commercial insurance to provide you with more protection!
  • Growth opportunities: we pay attention to your personal growth. Online learning platform and offline activities are all in the bowl!

Senior Networking Engineer


  • Explore ways to improve security, latency and performance of the CKB P2P network.
  • Design and deploy large scale environments to study CKB network’s behaviors.
  • Improve CKB’s network stack based on requirements of different running environments.
  • Implement or prototype networking optimization ideas.

Minimum Qualifications

  • 5+ years experience in the software development field.
  • Proficiency in at least one system language, including Rust, C/C++.
  • Experience with large scale distributed system.
  • Knowledge of modern performant, encrypted networking stack.
  • Excellent teamwork and communication skills.

Preferred Qualifications

  • Experience working with open source projects.
  • Experience in large scale distributed system.
  • Experience in network protocol stack design.
  • Maintainer of open source networking protocol libraries is preferred.

Senior JavaScript/TypeScript Engineer


  • Design and implement the core modules of Nervos layer-2 chain/cross-chain solution.
  • Extend existing blockchain SDKs to interact with cross-chain contracts/modules.


  • 3+ years experience in software development.
  • Proficiency in JavaScript/TypeScript.
  • Strong passion for blockchain technology.
  • Familiarity with Ethereum, Bitcoin, or other blockchain projects.

Preferred Qualifications

  • Maintainer of open source libraries or experience working with open source projects.
  • Experience with dapp development.
  • Experience with full stack web development.
  • Experience working with containers and container orchestration systems (Docker, Kubernetes, etc.).