Remote desktop meeting


Remote desktop meeting
IIS7 remote control:
1. The latest version of IIS7 remote desktop management in Chinese is a professional remote desktop management tool, which updates the original 09 network remote desktop management. Compared with the previous version, it is more convenient to operate. It can remote multiple servers at the same time, and can switch freely between multiple servers without any pressure. IIS7 remote desktop management can save, edit and delete your remote server information.
2. IIS7 remote desktop management has an intuitive interface designed for all types of users, which is easy to deploy and use in the enterprise environment. One click Import server information.
3. Other features of IIS7 Remote Desktop Management:
A. It has grouping function, and the servers under each grouping can be seen at a glance.
B. select the format of the imported text, completely eliminate the occurrence of coding errors.
C. add a single server manually and add a new server easily.
D. support feature search and locate the server with features in one step.
E. the expiration function reminds you that you don’t need to worry about the overdue and non renewed fees.
F. optimize the re import function, and import the server information with one click.
1) Remote connections on the remote computer may not be enabled.
2) The maximum number of connections on the remote computer has been exceeded.
3) A network error occurred while establishing the connection
terms of settlement:
Enter the registry editor window, expand “HKEY? L0cal? Ma machine systemcurrentcontrolsetservicestermservice parameters”, find the subkey named “certificate”, delete it, restart XP system or Windows 2000 server, the system will regenerate into “certificate” subkey, so that the client can connect to the terminal server normally.
After the terminal server fails to connect, we first need to determine whether this is caused by network failure, and check whether the remote client and XP system (Windows 2000 server server) can connect to the network normally; then we need to check whether the encryption level of the terminal server is set too high. After the above reasons are eliminated, it is possible that the “certificate” key is damaged.

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