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With the development of 5g, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, Internet of things and other technologies, the global 3.7 billion internet users generate hundreds of millions of GB data every day, and the total amount of global data has already entered the ZB era. In the era of data being the king, high-efficiency data storage is naturally indispensable. Where should the future of data storage go?

This meetup is jointly sponsored by Magnolia open source and showtalk.com, with strong support from many communities. Cutting edge technical experts in the field of big data are invited to exchange and discuss the key technologies, challenges and current applications of big data storage. It has a strong lineup and comprehensive content.

Senior architecture scientist of the fourth paradigm, Lu Mian, doctor of computer science of Hong Kong University of science and technology, will bring “system optimization practice under modern storage architecture “Sharing. Based on our practical experience, this sharing will demonstrate how to optimize the system under the modern storage architecture through innovative technologies, such as persistent memory data structure, hierarchical storage, hot and cold data separation, so as to make use of the characteristics of modern storage architecture. Welcome to sign up for this activity.

Registration address:http://www.slidestalk.com/m/501

Activity highlights
1. Super luxury guest lineup! Many senior technical experts in well-known communities share their insights into industry trends online!
2. Super rich dry goods sharing! Cutting edge technology practice and production application of big data storage and heterogeneous storage.
3. A variety of prizes are soft to get! Super many exquisite gifts, lucky draw, QA and other links, gifts are sent all the time!

[registration] open source big data technology online Meetup