Redis visualization tool redisinsight


Redisinsight Ubuntu deployment of redis visualization tool

Redisinsight: monitor redis

Use the browser based management interface to check redis data, monitor health status and execute runtime server configuration for redis deployment.

Explore and interact with your redis data Reduce redis memory usage Real time monitoring command Manage your redis cluster
Use the web-based cli to scan and view your redis key and perform CRUD operations. Analyze and optimize the memory used by redis. Analyze how redis is used by applications by tracking hotkeys and top-level commands. Visually execute, analyze, manage and monitor your redis cluster.

1、 Download redisinsight

RedisInsight:Redisinsight for the latest Linux version

2、 Disposition

You can set the following environment variables to configureRedisInsight

  1. REDISINSIGHT_PORT——By default, redisinsight listens on port 8001. Want toRedisInsightTo bind to other ports, set redissight_ Port environment variable.
  2. REDISINSIGHT_HOST——By default,RedisInsightBind to IP address To makeRedisInsightBind to other hosts, please setREDISINSIGHT_HOSTEnvironment variables.
  3. REDISINSIGHT_HOME_DIR——By default,RedisInsightStoring application data, such as local databases, log files, and snapshot files, in the home directory of the machine~/.redisinsightandDockerIn the / DB directory of the container. To change this directory, setREDISINSIGHT_HOME_DIREnvironment variables.
  4. LOG_DIR——By default,RedisInsightStore log files in your home directory(REDISINSIGHT_HOME_DIR)Yes. To makeRedisInsightTo store log files in other directories, please setLOG_DIREnvironment variables.

modifyREDISINSIGHT_HOSTandREDISINSIGHT_HOME_DIR, if 8001 port conflicts with other application ports, it can be modified by itself.

export REDISINSIGHT_HOME_DIR=/usr/local/redis-view/.redisinsight

REDISINSIGHT_ HOME_ Dir can also not be modified. It will be placed in ~ /. By default Redisinsight directory.

Note: this configuration will only take effect on the current shell terminal, which can be set in ~ / bash_ Specify the path in the profile.

#Edit or add file Bash_ Profile join configuration
pluma .bash_profile
export REDISINSIGHT_HOME_DIR=/usr/local/redis-view/.redisinsight

#Make effective
source .bash_profile

Redis visualization tool redisinsight

3、 Run redisinsight


#Background operation
 nohup redisinsight-linux64-1.10.0 &

#Foreground operation

 ps -ef | grep redis
  ****  ****  2 09:46 pts/2    00:00:19 redisinsight-linux64-1.10.0
  ****  ****  0 09:47 pts/2    00:00:07 redisinsight-linux64-1.10.0
  ****  ****  0 10:01 pts/1    00:00:00 grep --color=auto redis

After startup, the browser accesses

4、 Use

Connect to local redis
Redis visualization tool redisinsight
Connect to redis (name can be customized)
Redis visualization tool redisinsight
Select all nodes of the cluster
Redis visualization tool redisinsight
Click to enter the interface
Redis visualization tool redisinsight

OverviewYou can see the redis related performance
Redis visualization tool redisinsight
Cluster ManagementFor cluster management, it is very convenient and visual operation
ConfigurationIn order to modify some redis configurations in real time, you can change all the configurations of the cluster at once (I think it’s very convenient)

Redis visualization tool redisinsight
There are also many excellent functions that you can use by yourself. It is a highly recommended redis visualization tool.

Reference document: installing redis monitoring tool redisins on Linux ight