Redis string implementation: simple dynamic string – the difference between SDS and C string


2.1 definition of SDS

struct {
    //The number of bytes used in buf is equal to the length of the string saved in SDS
    int len;
    //Unused byte length in buf
    int free;
    //Byte array to hold string
    char[] buf;

2.2 difference between SDS and C string

C string SDS
The complexity of getting string length is O (n) The complexity of getting string length is O (1)
The API is unsafe and may cause buffer overflow API security, eliminating buffer overflow
Modifying the string length n times must require n memory reallocations Modify the string length n times, and at most N memory reallocations occur
Only text can be saved Binary security, which can save text and binary data
All can be usedFunctions in Compatible with some C string functions, some can be usedFunctions in

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