[redis] redis’s message mechanism publish subscribe


At present, go fly customer service system records the mapping relationship between customer service and visitors through memory. It can not be used in distributed environment, and can only be used in a single machine. If you want to support distributed service in the future, you can consider the pub / sub mechanism of redis

1. Based on the characteristics of pub / sub, its typical use scenario is real-time messaging system, such as instant chat, group chat and other functions

2. It is also used to reduce the pressure of high concurrency I / O writing, such as a large number of log writing operations. If real-time writing log files or databases will cause I / O overload and reduce system performance, then you can use pub / sub mode. Instead of writing, you can publish a log message to the log channel, and then have a separate log program to subscribe to the log channel, Asynchronously reads log messages and writes them to a file or database

3. It can also be used to replace the message queue of list, which can be consumed by multiple consumers


The basic usage is:


Subscribe channel / / will be blocked at this time


Publish channel / / publish message to channel



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