Redis installation configuration under Windows


Redis installation configuration under Windows

Redis is generally run in Linux. Here is the installation and configuration of redis under windows

The Windows version seems to have stopped updating and can be used as an understanding.

0x1 installation

GitHub download address:

The latest version as of the publication of the article is3.2.100findAssetsThere is an MSI version and a zip version. I’m used to downloading the MSI version. There is a graphical installation interface to configure.

There are three options for downloading and installing

  • One is to add the installation directory to the environment variable. It is recommended to check the default
  • One is to set the maximum memory usage. It is recommended to check default
  • One is to set the port number, which is OK by default

After installation, you can open Task Manager and find the service panelResdisService, which can be manually shut down and restarted.

You can also use command line commands

Net stop redis. Close redis service
Net start redis? Start redis service

0x2 remote connection

  • Open
  • takebind tobind
  • takeprotected-mode yes Change toprotected-mode yes (remember to remove#No. for configuration to take effect)
  • Save restartredisservice
  • Download another redis Desktop Manager, a cross platform third-party open-source redis graphical connection management tool. Installation complete open. Fill in the IP and port to connect. (no connection to see if the server firewall is openredisPort)
  • Redis installation configuration under Windows

0x3 set password

  • Open
  • findrequirepass, enter your password in the space after. (remember to remove the ා sign to make the configuration effective)
  • Save restartredisservice

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