Redash platter: first knowledge


Recently, I have been looking for an open-source Bi software. The first consideration is superset. After a lot of pain, I began to try to use redash. I was deeply attracted by its simple operation and became the main data display platform.


It is an open source business intelligence tool (BI), which helps enterprises realize data-driven, supports multiple data sources (such as mysql, Postgres, CVs, Oracle, etc.), and can quickly realize data visualization, create dashboard and share data. The official website is

Main components

RedashIt consists of two parts

  1. Query Editor Objective: to provide SQL query writing experience similar to JS fiddle experience. Form an open platform to share query statements and generated data, which is convenient for everyone to review query and data results, and facilitate the sharing of results shared by others and integration into their own analysis process.
  2. Visualization and display panel: once the data set is configured, you can quickly create different visual charts and freely combine them to form an intuitive display panel. At present, redash supports charts, PivotTables, combinations and more visualization. See


Official docker deployment, you can use thedocker-compose.ymlFile, need to build their own image.

Oracle is officially supported. The default image does not support it. It needs to be built by itself. You can build it again on the basis of the official image. For the required files, see:…

At present, the test supports version 8.0.0. If you use version 9.0, please adjust it to the latest version (9.0 uses Python 3, which changes a lot).


Operation and visual display of official website:

Redash platter: first knowledge

  1. github redash
  3. redash_oracle

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