Recruitment of C + + Development Engineer~~~


[Job Responsibilities]
1. Participate in the demand analysis of products and projects, be responsible for the design and development of the technical framework of products and project modules, and complete the system design, coding, testing and preparation of relevant documents according to the development specifications and processes;
2. Responsible for the transformation and update of the company’s existing product modules.
3. Be responsible for guiding and training the daily development of new employees, and solving the technical difficulties and technical checks in the project;
4. Be responsible for the code maintenance of the company’s independent products, analyze the program source code or log, locate and solve problems.

[job requirements]
1. Computer related major, full-time college degree or above;
2. Familiar with object-oriented thinking, proficient in programming, debugging and related technologies;
3. More than 1 year of Windows C / C + + development experience, able to independently complete the analysis, design and development of complex systems or modules;
4. Proficient in MFC and STL development;
5. Familiar with Oracle, MySQL database development and SQL statement optimization;
6. Familiar with data structure, algorithm and other related knowledge;
7. Working experience in image processing and audio and video network communication is preferred;
8. Perfect development ideas and ideas, strong logical thinking ability;
9. Location: Guangzhou

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