Record a domain name service access no response problem


Problem description

The company set up a small program back-end service, applied for the domain name and SSL certificate, service port through nginx configuration SSL certificate verification, through the reverse proxy. Usually, there is no problem with the small program access, but this afternoon, the problem of access hanging suddenly appeared, that is, the request has been unresponsive.

Solution process

Check service configuration

First stop the service and then restart, through the domain name access, found or no access to data. Postman through the intranet IP access interface, found that it can request data, initially concluded that it is not the server problem.

Check domain name and certificate

It is not a problem of domain name and certificate

Check whether DNS is contaminated

NSLOOKUP domain name

It is found that the domain name can be resolved to the corresponding public IP address of the server, which indicates that the DNS is not polluted

Check if it is a public IP problem

Ping public IP is able to Ping, but through the public IP, SSH connection server, found unable to connect, but the firewall corresponding port is open.

There is only one truth, which is limited by the network operators, because the company has not applied for a fixed public IP. The solution is to restart the router, automatically reassign a public IP, and modify the public IP mapped by the domain name.

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