Reconstruct the preface of 8 apps of the company with flutter2.0


Original decline

For most companies, especially small and medium-sized companies, the performance requirements of the application layer are not high, and most businesses prefer data presentation. H5 is enough to deal with these. In fact, many companies recruit engineers for Android or IOS native development, mostly for the maintenance of old code. This is why the demand for native development is declining and the demand for H5 is increasing, Because most new businesses prefer to use H5, the company‘s new business will grow, and the demand for H5 will naturally increase.

The rise of flutter

More than three years since the release of fluent, it has been favored by more and more companies. As far as I know, many companies with small teams are using fluent. Among them, there are only one native development team and one H5 development team plus several Java background development teams. Which boss doesn’t want to reduce human capital. If your boss knows about flutter, he will certainly persuade you to use it. It can be said that the rise of flutter has torn down the fig leaf of native development, because flutter has a UI experience comparable to native development. Moreover, flutter can run a set of code on Android and IOS. With this, some companies who were worried about UI experience consider giving up native, and our company is one of them.

Vision of the company’s front-end department in the future

In the future, our company will basically allocate 6:2:2 to the previous department; If the company has 10 front-end departments, we will configure 6 web front-end engineers, 2 fluent engineers and 2 native engineers. Most of the functions of these two native engineers may still take into account code maintenance. In the future, our company’s front-end business development priority: H5 > fluent > native;

Enable the reconfiguration of flutter2.0

First of all, we should have the courage to do this, because flutter is currently updated very quickly, and the ecology is much worse than the original, but this is also an opportunity. Because of various reasons of the company, we need to reconstruct. We finally made up our mind to start, and we are going to do a big job to completely embrace cross platform.

About later

In the future, I will record our experience in refactoring in the form of blog. And personal combing and summary of flutter’s knowledge