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Background introduction

Content management system (CMS) is a software system between web front-end (web server) and back-end office system or process (content creation and editing). Content creators, editors and publishers use the content management system to submit, modify, approve and publish content. The “content” here may include files, tables, pictures, data in the database and even videos, all the information you want to publish to the Internet, intranet and extranet websites.

Today, let’s introduce zkeacms.

Zkeacms build with. Net 5 (. Net CMS) is a visual design online editing content management system.

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quick start

Start using

Online demonstration

Demo site:

Create page

Multi tenant demo

Language family modification

Change the language family code to use English appsettings.json in the following language en US

"Culture": {  "Code": "en-US"


Release method

Publish the project using publish.cmd or You can also publish using the following command line:

$ dotnet tool install -g ZKEACMS.Publisher

$ ./src/ZKEACMS.WebHost/publish-zkeacms

Publish width runtime

$ ./src/ZKEACMS.WebHost/publish-zkeacms -r win-x64

Run on docker

$ docker run -d -p 5000:80 zkeasoft/zkeacms:ent

Open source protocol

 GPL-3.0 License