Recommend four visualization tools (solve 99% of large screen visualization requirements)


Xiaobian’s most frequent work is to export the data of some projects from the database, and then classify them into excel tables, which makes the leaders look dazzled.

Xiaobian thought that if it could be visualized in charts, the leaders would be able to see the trend of the project in recent months and know how to make decisions in the future. Xiaobian tried to use Excel to make charts. Because of the complexity of the operation, Xiaobian gave up. So Xiaobian found the following four visualization tools on the Internet. Now let’s take a look:

1. Alicloud datav

If you use your mobile phone number or email to register your account, you will get a 7-day experience period. Alicloud datav has a powerful component library, which can make different styles. It can also link to the database or API interface, and the cool visualization screen can be easily completed.


(1) The probation period is relatively short. After the probation period, it will cost thousands or tens of thousands of renewal fees. For the working class, this is not a small fee.
(2) The configuration of data sources is a bit complicated, and the learning cost of users is a bit high.

2. Building block Report

Building block report is a free report and large screen software of jeecgboot, which is mainly open source. Just like Alibaba and Baidu, the mobile phone number can be used permanently with one click registration. The important thing is: free! Free Admission! Free Admission!
Building block report adopts word like style, you can drag components at will, how to design and how to design, like Baidu and Ali, you can design a cool large visual screen!


Wait for you to find out!

3. Baidu sugar

Like Alibaba, one click registration of mobile phone number will have a 30 day experience period, and the production effect is also cool.


(1) The probation period is not long. Once the probation period is over, you need to spend money to renew it;

4. Soft sails

Fan soft is a company that has been making reports for a long time in the industry. It uses Excel like interface, which can add charts and data sources, and also achieve large screen effect.


(1) It can only drag the fixed layout of the block, which is not convenient for the random layout and random drag of the large screen;
(2) Need to download software, local production, software takes up more space, clock out is relatively slow;
(3) You need to install many plug-ins to achieve some dynamic effects;

Here is the article about recommending four visualization tools (to solve 99% of the large screen visualization requirements). For more visualization tools, please search previous articles of developer or continue to browse the following articles. I hope you can support developer more in the future!

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