Recommend an easy-to-use longitude and latitude conversion tool for online fast conversion of decimals / degrees, minutes and seconds


Recently, the longitude and latitude query ranging tool has released a new version of 1.3.4, adding the function of obtaining Tencent map / Gaode map / Baidu map / WGS84 standard GPS coordinates, longitude and latitude decimals / degrees, minutes and seconds.


Today, I’ll explain to you how to convert. Open the wechat search applet [longitude and latitude query ranging tool]


Then, click the conversion button in the navigation bar on the right side of the map to enter the conversion page



Click the [degree minute second conversion] option again to use decimal / degree minute second conversion.

The conversion is also relatively simple. Input the value of degree / minute / second according to the prompt, and then click the conversion button to convert. After the conversion is completed, you can also click the copy button next to it to copy the conversion results, which is still very convenient and practical

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